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Special Report
A stronger Voice
Worldwide, 2012 proved another busy year for language school associations, as they strove to maintain, if not enhance, support for their members. Jane Vernon Smith conducts a round-up of some of their key activities during the past year.

Agency survey
Russia takes off
Business has been good in Russia, according to the 17 agencies that took part in this year’s Russian agency survey. The student market is traditionally quite young, with junior language courses and high school programmes high on the agenda.

Tertiary Focus
Going offshore
There has been a notable increase in the number of tertiary institutions setting up education posts overseas. Nicola Hancox explores the offshore campus model and the rationale behind their inception.

Vocational Focus
A profession for real visionaries, there are a number of architecture courses worldwide that help students build the foundation for their careers. Claire Twyman reports.

Secondary Focus
New Zealand secondary school survey
Chinese and German students were the most prevalent nationalities at New Zealand secondary schools, according to our survey. Homestay programmes were the most popular option with many schools only offering this type of accommodation, as Bethan Norris reports. 

Secondary Focus
Reaching high
The importance of high school preparation programmes cannot be underestimated as they prepare international students not only linguistically and academically for school but also instruct them in the nuances of living in a different country. Gillian Evans finds out more.

Australian adventure
Australia offers students a wild adventure into the unknown with unspoilt scenery, unique wildlife and a catalogue of adventure activities. Gillian Evans reports. .

Regional Focus
Bigger and better in British Columbia
Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia represents nature in the raw – majestic mountains, rugged coastline and amazing wildlife. It also offers the ultimate in big-city living. With a wide range of quality education providers thrown in, it is little wonder that it is proving an increasingly popular international education destination, as JANE VERNON SMITH discovers.

ISI school inspections
When the UK government changed the rules relating to how institutions qualify for Highly Trusted Sponsor status in 2011, ISI emerged as an important body in international education. Matthew Knott talks to ISI, examines what inspections entail, what they lead to and useful information for agencies and students in the reports.

Market Analysis
UK gold
There were some interesting trends in individual student source markets for UK language schools in 2012. Meanwhile many providers, particularly those in the country’s capital, report they are busy adjusting to life after the London 2012 Olympic Games, as NICOLA HANCOX finds out.

Language goals
World-renowned football clubs are increasingly partnering with language schools to offer language plus football programmes. Matthew Knott gets in on the action.

Asia: the economic lion

Cyprus considers ELT sector reforms
Elicos sector grows
Babylon Idiomas celebrates a decade
Alphe Asia 2013 sees record growth
Nobel Education group expands into Turkey and Oman
Langports to move to new Brisbane campus
Saudi Arabia extends scholarship scheme

News Round Up
New alliance gives voice to Chinese agencies
Groupement FLE holds Journées Professionelles conference
ELC signs teacher deal with Vietnamese government
Hillary Clinton unveils China study abroad foundation
New summer centre for Churchill House
News in brief
Travel update

Inside The Industry
On the move
Q&A Educator association: Acpet
Industry issues- agents speak out
Q&A Advisor Association: Unosel
Agency of the month

Course Guide
The big players
With one school in our course guide to chain schools opening its first centre back in 1878, most of these education providers now have schools spanning numerous countries and several continents.


How do you like your news?

by Bethan Norris, Senior Editor

It’s certainly been a busy start to the year in the education travel industry with a number of international education conferences taking place over the last few months, all making sure that the news wires keep buzzing as new initiatives, announcements and group activities come to light. One of the things I have noticed this year is the prevalence of social media sites such as Twitter keeping non-attendees informed of real-time news, pronouncements and opinions as they take place. Information is moving so fast between people – often located in different countries – that it is not unusual for social media followers in one country to be better informed of what is happening at a conference taking place on the other side of the world than the person attending the conference itself.

Such fast-paced transfer of information can only be good for the international education industry although it begs the question of what role hard copy publications such as ours will have in the years to come. Well, if there were ever any doubts as to the relevance of Study Travel Magazine now and in the future, the results of our recent Reader Survey certainly dispel these. Of the nearly 500 respondents who took part in our survey, an impressive 73 per cent said that they preferred to read news and articles relevant to their industry in a magazine format rather than online. A further 45 per cent added that they kept their precious copies of Study Travel Magazine indefinitely.

Industry magazines therefore have certainly not had their day and the fact that they can be kept and referred to over and over again reveals their true value in the face of the high speed transient nature of websites such as Twitter where relevant news can be lost in the ether within a few seconds. Which is not to say that Twitter and other social media websites don’t have an important role in our industry as most professionals make sure they are up to speed on important news as it happens by using online methods while waiting for their valued issue of Study Travel Magazine every month. And indeed, here at STM, we definitely have our finger on the pulse with our onlihne presence on both Twitter and Facebook.

For those who have not already found us on Twitter, make sure you keep up-to-date with the news as it happens by reading our regular Twitter news posts as well as subscribing to our weekly STM news bulletin which is emailed straight to your inbox every Monday. Follow the team @BethanNorrisSTM, @NicolaHancoxSTM, @MatthewKnottSTM, @ClaireTwymanSTM!

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