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France flying high

Learning a language abroad has not lost its appeal for French students with agents reporting a steady flow of clients choosing to study away from home. However, top destinations have changed this year, according to our Agency Survey on France

Key points
The total number of students placed by the 11 agencies in our survey was 7,025

Individual agencies placed between 50 and 2,400 students on courses per year

Average business growth was 41 per cent in the last 12 months

Overall, 72 per cent of students stayed in host family accommodation when studying overseas

Australia was the second most popular destination, after the UK, for French students

Six agencies charged their clients a handling fee of between e50 (US$68) and e80 (US$108)

On average, agencies worked with 23 schools in the last 12 months

Top destinations Most popular courses
1. Uk 30%
2. Australia 26%
3. Ireland 17%
4. USA 12%
5. Malta 5%
6. Spain 3%
7. Germany 2%
8. Italy 1.5%
9. Canada 1%
9. Japan 1%
9. New Zealand 1%
1. General 38%
2. Intensive 19%
3. Academic prep. 11%
3. Junior 11%
5. Business lang. 9%
6. Lang. + work 8%
7. Summer vacation 3%
Other 1%

Reasons for language travel
Average percentage agency business
1. Current work 31%
2. Fututre work 28%
3. Studies at home 25%
4. Studies overseas 10%
5. Pleasure 4%
Other 2%
1. Language 53%
2. Work & Travel 15%
3. Internships 9%
4. Higher education 7%
5. Volunteer 3%
Other 13%

How do agencies recruit students?
How do agencies find new schools to represent?
1. Website 43%
2. Word of mouth 30%
3. Seminars to students 6%
4. Mailshots 4%
5. Adverts in press 3%
Other 14%
1. Internet 24%
2. Workshops 22%
3. Fairs or expos 14%
4. LTM/ETM 8%
Other 32%

Percentage of agents who recognised each of the following organisations
Acpet 36%
English Australia 64%

Capls 18%
CLC 36%

Souffle 45%
L'Office 45%
Unosel 64%
FLE 45%

MEI~Relsa 18%

Asils 18%
Italian in Italy 9%

Feltom 36%

New Zealand
Ed. NZ 18%
English NZ 45%
Aeple 0%

South Africa
Eltasa 0%
English SA 0%

Fedele 27%

ABLS 18%
English UK 45%
British Council 91%

Eaquals 27%

Accet 45%
CEA 9%

Ialc 36%
Quality English 18%
Tandem 0%

Market growth
French agencies experienced a phenomenal increase in business during 2006 with eight of the 11 agencies taking part in the survey reporting an average business growth of 41 per cent. When compared with the 11 per cent business growth seen in last year’s survey of business in 2005 (see Language Travel Magazine, May 2006, pages 14-15), it is clear that the market is booming – one agent reported that they had recently opened another office in order to deal with the increase in enquiries. None of the agencies canvassed recorded a decrease in business.

Language and destination trends
In terms of language, English remains the most popular choice for French students, securing 78 per cent of the market, the same figure recorded in 2005. However, with Spanish and German requested by 14 per cent and four per cent of the client base respectively this year, demand for other European languages is still high among French students. The USA was less popular as a destination this year – attracting just 12 per cent of students compared with 26 per cent previously. This change was predicted in our previous survey when agencies reported that new visa restrictions in the USA would affect student numbers negatively in the future. Australia, in the meantime, increased its share of the market by 25 percentage points – largely due to two agencies dealing almost exclusively with this destination.

Student and course trends
In last year’s survey, students were largely studying a language abroad for their studies at home but this year student trends have changed considerably. The largest group of students (31 per cent) were learning a language for current work purposes, compared with the 14 per cent documented in 2005, and a further 28 per cent cited future work – a trend that did not feature in last year’s survey – as a motivational factor behind their decision to venture overseas. Student motivation was reflected in course choice as well, with 11 per cent undertaking an academic preparation course, up eight percentage points on 2005.

Agency business
Arranging language programmes is still the largest part of agency business in France, with 53 per cent of all agency clients seeking these particular types of courses. Work and travel programmes are increasing in popularity, however, making up 15 per cent of business, up from three per cent last year. The Internet proved a useful resource for agents looking to find new schools, accounting for 24 per cent of new partnerships and knocking workshops off the top spot. On average, agencies worked with 23 different partners and sent students to 10 different countries in the last 12 months.

Looking ahead
The outlook is optimistic with many French agents keen to increase their businesses. One reported that they wanted to experiment with other English-speaking destinations and another stated the intention to increase internship placements in 2007. Perhaps more notably, however, one agent said that the rural French population had now accepted that it is easier to learn a language where it is spoken.

Economic outlook

In 2006, the French economy grew by 2.2 per cent and a growth of 2.25-to-2.5 per cent has been predicted for 2007. French exports of goods and services grew by 6.2 per cent in 2006, nearly twice the pace recorded in 2005 (3.2 per cent).

The French economy created a total of 252,000 jobs in 2006. In 2007, this growth rate is expected to continue while the unemployment rate should decline accordingly, reaching 8.2 per cent this summer.

French consumer spending on manufactured goods, the country’s main driver of economic growth, was much lower than expected in April 2007 due to lower spending on home equipment. There was also a slowdown in the real-estate market.

Sources: Dow Jones Newswires, RTT News, INSEE

French agents named a range of language programmes they work with, including, in Australia: Sarina Russo Schools, Brisbane, QLD; South Australian College of English, Adelaide, SA; Australian College of English, various; Access Language Centre, Sydney, NSW; Sydney English Language Centre, Sydney, NSW. In Ireland: Alpha College of English, Dublin; Dublin School of English, Dublin. In Monaco: Home Language International, Monte Carlo. In the UK: St Giles International, London; InTuition, London; Saint George International, London; Study Group, Hove; Twin Group, London; English 2000, Bournemouth. In the USA: ELS Language Centers, various. In Malta: EC English Language Centre, Ta ‘Xbiex. Worldwide: Language Studies International; Eurocentres.

Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in this survey: Arts et Séjours en Asie Pacifique, Exis, Formalangues, SARL Juralangues, Langues & Affaires, Experiment, Inter-Sejours, De Vraies Ecoles de Langues, AFJE, CAPEC and Etudes Australie Consulting, Centre Easylangues.

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Saskatoon Catholic Schools
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Vancouver Community College
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American Intercontinental
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      Spain, USA)
Twin Group
University of Westminster
West London Business College

France Langue
French in Normandy
Home Language International
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      Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland,
      Italy, Japan, Malta, NZ, Norway,
      Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain,
      Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA,
Institut Linguistique Adenet
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University of Canterbury

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Cape Studies
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      (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica,
      Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic,
      Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Spain)
International House Sevilla - CLIC
Malaca Instituto - Club Hispánico SL

EF Language Colleges Ltd
      (Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador,
      England, France, Germany, Ireland,
      Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Russia,
      Scotland, Spain, USA)
      (Australia, Canada, England, France,
      Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta,
      New Zealand, Russia, South Africa,
      Spain, Switzerland, USA)

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