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Olde English
Berlitz Language Centre in Birmingham, UK, has designed an exciting new English language programme for students who are keen to explore the background and language of the 16th-century English playwright, William Shakespeare.
Students enrol on a programme of one-to-one tuition for at least one week, choosing between a course of 30 hours of English language tuition per week or the total immersion programme of 45 hours per week, including working lunches. The programme is recommended for executives or older language travellers who already have an intermediate level of English.
A luxury Tudor hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare's birthplace) is the setting for students to discuss the language, plots and key scenes of Shakespeare's plays in preparation for an accompanied visit to a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The hotel also provides accommodation for students during their stay.
The price of the course includes accommodation, all meals, theatre tickets and airport transfer.

Berlitz Language Centre
Berlitz Shakespeare programme
Date of course: year round
Length of course: one - two weeks
Number of students: one
Age/qualification requirements: minimum age, 25 years old;
intermediate level of English
Accommodation: four-star hotel
Cost of course: from UK£2,620 (US$3,864)
Extra costs: none
Agency commission: 20 per cent
Contact: Michael Boyd
Berlitz Language Centre
Paradise Forum
Birmingham, B3 3HJ, UK
Tel: +44 121 233 0974
Fax: +44 121 233 1236
Email: languages@berlitz.fsbusiness.co.uk

SOS Spanish
Spanish for the peace corps is a new course from Academia Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic for members of the emergency services who require knowledge of Spanish in order to communicate during crisis and emergency situations.
The course has been designed for personnel within the police, army, fire and ambulance services or organisations such as the Red Cross. It includes an introduction to specific Spanish terminology including words and phrases relating to natural disasters, weapons, general anatomy, and police and military commands. The course aims to give students a basic understanding of the linguistic and cultural aspects of emergency management but does not include any practical training sessions.
During the course, which can vary in length from two to four weeks depending on individual requirements, students are also introduced to the basic procedures of radio communication. The first level of the course includes 10 compulsory lessons which students must attend if they wish to progress to the second level for a further 10 lessons.

Academia Hispaniola
Spanish for peace corps.
Date of course:
year round
Length of course: two - four weeks
Number of students: one
Age/qualification requirements: high-intermediate level of Spanish; knowledge of the emergency services
Accommodation: host family, hotel, apartments
Cost of course: one week, US$230
Extra costs: accommodation; transfer
Agency commission: 20 per cent
Contact: Luca Pellegrini
Academia Hispaniola, Apartado Postal Z-111
Est. Zona Colonial, Santa Domingo,
Dominican Republic
Tel: +1809 221 8850, ext 234
Fax: +1809 221 4167
Email: info@hispaniola.org