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Massachusetts and New York states

For many English language students, New York State and Massachusetts are first choice destinations and with their many educational opportunities and tourist attractions it is not difficult to see why. Bethan Norris takes a look at what’s on offer.

The adjoining states of New York and Massachusetts on the east coast of the USA attract thousands of international students – both for language and education courses – every year. The strong international reputation of Boston in Massachusetts and New York City for educational opportunities is a key part of this attraction.

Caroline O’Neal from EC Boston says that their school “takes pride in the highly academic focus placed on all of our programmes and the fact that all of our teachers have university degrees from top universities.” Massachusetts is perhaps most well known for being the home of two of the USA’s top universities – Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – although O’Neal points out that Boston is also home to more than 70 universities and colleges, which give the city “a youthful, fun and dynamic atmosphere”. She adds, “Boston is a city that conjures up images of distinguished academics, famous universities and a history leading to the American revolution.”

In New York City too, the presence of such esteemed academic institutions as Columbia University and New York University contribute to its air of being a cutting edge education destination, although Lawrence Aldava from Kaplan Aspect, which has three schools in the city, points out that students come to study with them for a variety of reasons. “Kaplan Aspect programmes are uniquely designed to help students achieve their goals,” he says. “We have a vacation English programme for those primarily seeking to tour our city, an intensive English programme to immerse students in the language and Toefl, Gmat and GRE programmes for international students to prepare for university studies in the USA.”

The presence of so many academic institutions means that language schools in the region have plenty of scope to link up with local colleges or universities for both academic and social projects. Kate Frothingham from New England School of English (NESE) in Cambridge, MA says that the school has close relationships with many area colleges and universities. “These relationships permit students to attend university classes while finishing NESE’s highest levels, thus maximising [students] exposure to the American language and culture,” she adds.

The school’s location in Harvard Square, next to Harvard University, is also a bonus for students, according to Frothingham, as it is “a focal point for student activity and one of the most interesting and dynamic student centres in the USA”. She continues, “The square is ideally suited for students’ needs and recreation and is surrounded by cafés, restaurants, book shops and boutiques.” In nearby Boston, Christopher Malenfant from ELC says that the proximity of a local college means that their language students have many opportunities to mix with US students. “ELC is working closely with Fisher College, located just a few blocks away, to provide joint activities so that both international and US students can mix,” he says.

However, student life in New York State and Massachusetts is not just about the educational opportunities on offer. Aldava in New York City points out that location is just as important for students due to the many leisure activities on offer in the region. In this respect, the three Kaplan Aspect schools in the city have a distinct advantage. “Kaplan Aspect has a school in three of the most desirable locations in New York City – the Empire State Building, Midtown Manhattan and the East Village,” says Aldava. “Our Empire State school is almost literally on the top of the world – located on the 63rd floor of the world-famous Empire State building. Nearly all the classrooms have a fabulous panoramic view with the unique experience of looking down on the New York City skyline.”

Another language school with an idyllic location is ELS in Garden City on Long Island, which is famous for its beaches and summer resorts. Cyndee Sindelar from ELS Language Centers USA says that students studying at the school can take advantage of all the attractions of New York City, which is a 40 minute train journey away, while also experiencing some of the region’s local highlights. “On weekends, students can visit Long Island’s beautiful ocean beaches, concerts at Nassau Coliseum and the Westbury Music Fair, historical old Bethpage Village and Old Westbury,” says Sindelar.

In Massachusetts too there are plenty of entertainment opportunities for students. Michael Travaglini from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA, says that the cities of Boston and Cambridge have much to offer students. “They have world class restaurants and night clubs, along with theatres, musicals, plays and other live performances. We are also home to the baseball team, the Boston Red Sox; the Boston Bruins – our hockey team; and the New England Patriots – our football team.”

Along with the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island, Massachusetts forms part of the region of the USA known as New England. The area is famous for its role as one of the first regions of the USA to be colonised by British pilgrims and this locality gives students a great insight into the country’s history. Frothingham says that they arrange for students to participate in many Boston and New England events, such as “Halloween festivities in historic Salem [famous for its witch trials in 1692], cheering international runners on at the Boston marathon finish line, enjoying Fourth of July fireworks and the Boston Pops orchestra by the Charles River”.

Whether students are looking for a great holiday destination or have serious intentions of continuing their education in the USA, Massachusetts and New York State offer the best of both worlds.

Agent viewpoint

“New York is perceived as a high end destination. It is a great place to combine studies with time to enjoy a big city environment. The profile of students who look for New York as a language travel destination is related to other activities such as business, fashion, arts, music and theatre. They have the need to develop their language skills but they also want to access other activities related to their major interests. They also state that New York is not a place for under-18s but is a destination for young adults. Students appreciate living in a big city, where you can find whatever you like. Apart from great cultural options, shopping, dining and nightlife are considered a must.”
Santuza Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho, STB, Brazil

“I think most of our students are interested by Boston’s history: the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower etc. For French people, Boston means a lot in terms of American history. For parents, Boston is a secure town compared to San Francisco or New York for example. Boston is probably seen as the town to study in due to Harvard University being located nearby.”
Jessica Delfosse, Nacel, France

“There are many reasons for our students choosing to learn English in Boston but one reason is the accent. Many students believe that the English spoken in New England is more natural and clear than the English spoken in other parts of the USA. Therefore, Boston is one of the popular destinations for both young students and business people who need to communicate with people from many different countries. In Boston there are many famous music, dance and art schools. Some students take an English course in the morning and then take dance or music lessons at other schools in the afternoon. There are many historical areas and visiting the famous university or museum in the afternoon is another popular activity for students.”
Mayumi Morimoto, Language School Worldwide, Spain

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