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Status: Malta 2000

Thank you to the following schools for taking part in our Status survey:

English Language Academy, Sliema; European Centre of English Language Studies, St Julians; Geos Malta, Sliema; Inlingua Malta, Sliema; Institute of English Language Studies, Sliema; Magister Academy, St Julians.

Status Survey statistics are based on figures supplied by a selection of individual schools. Not all survey respondents answered every question in the survey. Figures are, in some cases, rounded up or down to the nearest whole. All information is treated with the strictest confidence.

Next month: Malta

The Status survey gathers market data from language teaching institutions in a variety of countries and produces comparable world market statistics. It is a joint venture from Language Travel Magazine and the Association of Language Travel Organisations (Alto).

The complete breakdown of all the results - such as marketing spend per region and marketing budget analysis - is available at our website for agents and all the schools that complete, or intend to complete, our Status questionnaire when they receive it. To receive the address, please send an email to mail@hothousemedia.com quoting 'Status survey address' in the subject head.

Key points

No. of survey respondents in Malta: 6

Total no. of students in 2000, estimated: 23,046

Total no. of student weeks in 2000, estimated: 58,820

Overall average length of stay: 2.5 weeks

Average cost of 80 hours of tuition: ML170 (US$374)*

Average cost of residential accommodation per week:

ML88.5 (US$194)*

Average cost of host family accommodation per week: ML96 (US$211)*

Average commission paid to agents on a language course: 16% (from 10% to 20%)

Average commission paid to agents for accommodation placement: 13% (from 0% to 20%)

Means of recruiting students Intensity of study (hours studied per week)
Internet 8%
Agents 76%
Other 16%
From 15 to 30
Overall average= 21.6

Student numbers by age range Top student nationalities in the USA by student numbers
% of students by age range
8-11 1.2%
12-15 14.2%
16-18 19.5%
19-24 18.3%
25-30 18.3%
30-50 22.2%
50+ 6.3%
German 47.2%
Russian 18.6%
Italian 14.4%
+ Finnish 2.7%
French 2.5%
Spanish 1.8%
Japanese 1.8%
Polish 1.2%
Swiss 1.1%
Chinese 0.9%
Austrian 0.7%
Czech 0.6%
Slovakian 0.4%
Hungarian 0.3%
Middle Eastern 2.2%
Latin American 0.2%
North American 0.2%
Other 3.2%