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On the move

Julia Patasheva has been appointed Managing Director of Liden & Denz, overseeing operations in its Moscow and St Petersburg centres. Ms Patasheva began her career at Liden & Denz in 2005 as a marketing trainee while still studying at the St Petersburg Engineering & Economics University, specialising in strategic marketing. Her thesis, based on research carried out at Liden & Denz, allowed her to graduate with honors and secure a full-time job at the school. She was soon promoted to Moscow Centre Director. She said, “In my new role I plan to keep on working for the benefit of the company as well as on the development of our local inbound and outbound education abroad services.”

Keith Zammit, currently co-owner of European School of English in Malta, has moved on to a new venture within EFL as the sole owner and director of ACE English Malta, a new boutique language school opening in January 2013 in St Julian’s. With over 15 years’ experience in EFL, Mr Zammit is once again heading the marketing team and gearing up to offer a new concept in ELT in Malta within a school that offers chic, modern and trendy surroundings, equipped with the latest classroom technology.

After 20 years at the helm of Experimento in Brazil, Betty Woodyatt, Managing Director, has announced her retirement from international education. Mrs Woodyatt will also be stepping down from her position as Direction of Institutional Relations on the Belta board. She commented, “I would like to thank each and every one of our partners for the support and friendship they have shown me over the years. I will miss working closely and meeting with them all at international conferences.”

St Clare’s, Oxford in the UK has welcomed Faye Golding and Greg Brett, who together form the new marketing team. Ms Golding has recently relocated from London where she specialised in PR and digital communications for a national charity. Mr Brett has moved from his position as administrator in the short courses office, where he was involved in the running of the St Clare’s summer programmes.

Tim Field is now the Melbourne Marketing Strategy Manager for MEGT Education (comprising MEGT Institute and Ability English) in Australia. Mr Field is also the Victorian State Delegate for English Australia, serving on the English Australia Board. Prior to joining MEGT Education Mr Field held a dual role of Campus Manager and Marketing & Communication Manager at Discover English where he was a founding member.

Q&A Educator association

Claire Field, Acpet CEO, answers our questions about the organisation’s movements over the last 12 months.

Full name: Australian Council for Private Education and Training
Year established: 1992
Number of members: 950 (approximately)
Type of members: English language colleges, schools, VET providers, higher education institutions
Association’s main role: Advocacy
Government recognition: yes
Code of practice: yes
Complaints procedure: yes
Agent workshops/fam trips: yes
Contact details:
Ingeborg Loon, International Engagement Manager
E: ingeborg.loon@acpet.edu.au

What has your association been up to recently?

In 2012 we introduced the Awards for Excellence for private providers; hosted a delegation of Chinese government officials to discuss private Australian institutions being included on the JSJ list; accompanied the Premiers of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland on trade delegations to India and China and supported the Australian government in arranging the Australia-India Skills Development Conference in Perth in July. When I was in India in November I was pleased to sign an MOU with India’s National Skills Development Corporation to ensure more Acpet members are involved in workforce development projects with Indian employers. We made presentations at the annual AIEC and ANZA conferences and presented with Austrade and English Australia at ICEF Berlin. We signed an MOU with the Federation of Private Technological and Vocational Colleges of Thailand (FPCT) during the Thai Prime Minister’s visit to Australia. We hosted delegations of senior education ministers and managers from Korea, the Maldives, Ghana, Tanzania and Bhutan. We conducted a survey of private providers in late 2012 examining the extent of their provision to domestic and international students. We created a new position of Acpet Executive Officer for the Northern Territory, Indonesia and East Timor based out of Darwin. In 2011-2012 we risk assessed all members that we offered tuition assurance cover to. Pleasingly 72 per cent were assessed as low-risk, 23 per cent as medium risk and only five per cent as high risk. The assessments allowed us to work closely with those assessed as high-risk as they reconfigured their business operations and, in some cases, closed down their operations – with their students being successfully relocated with other Acpet members. In July the government replaced previous industry associations’ schemes with a national Tuition Protection Service (TPS). We worked with members and the government on helping providers transition to the new arrangements. Deputy Chair of the Acpet Board, Mel Koumides, was appointed to the TPS Board.

Please tell us about Acpet China.

Our presence in China is headed up by Ms Li Min who commenced in her role in July. Acpet China was launched by the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell in Chengdu, China. Objectives are to promote Acpet members and their capabilities in China, and identify business opportunities for members. Ultimately we are looking to ensure members have the confidence of the Chinese government, allowing more students the option of studying at an Acpet member institution in either Australia or China.

What’s in the pipeline for the association in 2013?

We will be introducing a new ‘tick of approval’ for international education members to support them with marketing and promotion – particularly those niche providers which are unlikely to be offered access to streamlined visa processing arrangements. We will continue our focus on identifying opportunities for our members in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and East Timor – and in supporting members to capitalise on those opportunities. If, as we expect, 2013 sees the introduction of streamlined visa arrangements for non-university providers we will be assisting our members to transition to the new arrangements. We are also working on a scheme to assist our members and reduce the compliance costs they face as a result of the TPS changes.

Q&A Agent association

Kseniya Yasinska, Déléguée Générale of Unosel talks about the association’s new look and renewed focus.

Full name of association: Union Nationale des Organisations de Séjours Educatifs, Linguistiques et de Formation en Langues
Year established: 1978
Number of members: about 70
Email: info@unosel.org

What has been the main focus in the last year?

We revisited procedures for admission with more control and inspections. This year we welcomed five new members. In October 2012 we held our annual Unosel Congress in Monaco. I personally attended the Alphe UK Conference and the Felca AGM. It was a first time for me and I was really pleased to meet fellow Felca members. Unosel has also been working with several government bodies.

tell us about the association’s new image.

The new logo represents a customised seal with three key words: trust, quality, results. It can be seen like an eye too, “the eye of quality control”. Our new website and search system is highly optimised. We dedicated space to each branch of Unosel. Given information is personalised according to the profile of each visitor. Each member has their own page, and he/she can edit it at any time.

For an agency, what are the benefits of being a member of UNOSEL?

The aim of the association is to promote and inform the public of the professionalism of its members, to develop consumer confidence by giving consumers genuine guarantees of service, and to keep its members abreast of new developments. Member benefits are: the weight of Unosel within the industry; government lobbying, greater influence; communication network with media/partners; additional visibility of member activity; training seminars; forums and exhibitions.

What are the benefits of being a member of Felca?

Felca has an international importance for our industry. We are all working in an international field. Together it is great to know that other national associations have a combined strength.

Industry issues - agents speak out

Q. Do you think the accreditation of agents/agencies is necessary? How important is it?

Rafael Cavazos Sanchez, Enjoy Languages, Mexico
“In México exists an accelerated and continued growth in the demand of study abroad, which has developed the creation of new educational agencies dedicated to provide guidance and counselling for students that expect to go abroad and learn another language, or follow a certain level of school or a course of specialisation. However, the diversity of ideas, procedures, processes, etc.., that each agency has added to its services in order to improve it, has forced these agencies to operate totally independently, and in a way very differently from each other. Therefore I think it is important to belong to an association of educational travel agencies, and establish ethical business standards for the benefit of consumers of these services. Having a partnership with the accreditation body, means that there is a guarantee of security, confidence and good service and being updated constantly, or improving. Currently it is necessary in the educational travel industry to have a protocol governing the creation of new agencies and urge those already established. I am aware that the international association Felca is issuing a code of conduct that is precisely to contribute to the mediation of the good results. In Mexico we do not have an association that certifies the rules and procedures to provide quality service and excellence, into existing agencies. Felca is welcome to present something in our country. It would help to develop our services to world-class status.”

Juergen Peisker, Ausland Sprachendienst, Germany
“An agent, for whom quality, reliability, and honesty are the fundamental basis of his/her business, requires no endorsement from a third party, which possibly is driven by their own business interests. In a free democratic society the respectable enterprises, as well as the unscrupulous, are identified in the course of time, and tend to yield the commercial consequences thereof. Euphemistically stated recognition and accreditation of an agent is done via his/her market and through the bookings he/she receives. However, I am aware that in a less developed market with a less developed legal consumer protection plan in place, certification of whatever type may be helpful to support an uninformed customer base. Ausland Sprachendienst had been on the market for 41 years and this I’m proud to say is without accreditation from anyone except from our clients and our associate educational institutions. We work hard to successfully maintain our well-earned and well-recognised standards.”

Daniela Pavoni, Mirunette International Education, Romania
“I do believe that agency accreditation is necessary in order to strengthen the agent reliability in connection to the clients and make the agent maintain the standard of quality for the educational products offered. Mirunette International Education is both a Quality English authorised agent partner and an English UK Partner Agency and during the years we have taken advantage of this by receiving more and more enquiries. In our country we do not belong to an agency association. One has not been founded so far because there are not so many educational agencies in the country. I do not believe that a local body responsible for accrediting agencies is welcome, but an international one, promoting quality, seriousness, responsibility and a strong code of conduct [would be beneficial].”

Agency of the month

In a series appearing each month in Study Travel Magazine, we ask a different teaching institution to nominate one of their preferred agencies or advisor partners, and to explain why this person/company is worthy of their nomination.

This month Spark Spanish in Spain nominates, Apple Languages in the UK. Douglas Haines, General Manager at the school, explains this decision.

“In the last few months, Spark Spanish has been working effectively with the Apple Languages team. Understanding the uncertain times the company is in, we have been impressed by how they have been responding on every front with the utmost professionalism whilst still continuing with their personal attention. The Apple Languages team have managed to update the information for Spark Spanish to a brand new and lively website, they also processed, secured and communicated in due time the booking of recent students and, finally, respected all the terms and conditions from our mutual agreement. Due to this, we nominate them as agency of the month, taking this opportunity to show our support to our partners.”

“We are really happy to be working with Spark Spanish. El Puerto has always been a very popular location for our students and we are pleased to work with such a professional and friendly school. They provide high quality courses and excellent levels of student care.”
Mike Cummins, Apple Languages, UK

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