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Screen English
The London Film Academy in the UK is offering a unique course for international students which combines 24 hours of English language tuition per week with specialised instruction in the language and terminology of the film industry.
This eight-week course is ideal for students keen to pursue a career in film or simply improve their English language skills while learning more about the industry. Students are taught about all aspects of the film-making process, from photography and lighting to sound and post production in addition to specific phrases such as, "Quiet on set", "Action", "Rolling", and "Cut". The course also introduces students to the different departments that make up a film crew, including camera, lighting and design, and gives advice about how best to communicate and behave on set.
At the end of the course, students can enrol on the one-year diploma course which teaches the principles of film-making for both cinema and television, and includes workshops with some of the best editors and cinematographers in the British film industry.
London Film Academy
EFL plus introduction to film-making
Date of course: 14 January 2002; April 2002 (date to be confirmed)
Length of course: eight weeks
Number of students: 20 per class
Age/qualification requirements: minimum age, 18 years old;
minimum Ielts level of 6
Accommodation: student residence
Cost of course: eight weeks, UK£1,500 (US$2,174)
Extra costs: camera and film
Agency commission: five per cent
Contact: Anna MacDonald
London Film Academy
The Old Church, 52a Walham Grove
London, SW6 1QR, UK
Tel: + 44 207 386 7711
Fax: + 44 207 381 6116
Email: info@londonfilmacademy.com

City speak
LanguagesForLife.com, based in the UK, has developed a new English language programme that is partly based in the classroom and partly on the streets of London.
The English [out there!] course aims to encourage international students to interact with native English speakers in everyday situations and is recommended for young travellers and tourists. It comprises 15 hours of tuition a week. Each day begins with a 45-minute lesson in the school, after which the teacher accompanies the students to practise their English with native English speakers "out there" in a variety of different situations, such as buying train tickets and asking for directions.
The programme includes visits to major tourist attractions such as Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament as well as social evenings in some of the city's lesser known bars, pubs and clubs. Every day, students learn something new and visit a different sight. A weekly Travelcard, which is valid on all forms of public transport, can be purchased for UK£19 (US$28). Accommodation can be arranged by the school.
English [out there!]
Date of course:
every Monday
Length of course: one - four weeks
Number of students: maximum, 15 per class
Age/qualification requirements: minimum age, 15 years old
Accommodation: host family, student residence, hotel
Cost of course: one week, from UK£40 (US$58)
Extra costs: membership fee, UK£30 (US$43); weekly Travelcard, UK£19 (US$28); accommodation
Agency commission: up to 24 per cent
Contact: Tony Evans
10 Coptic Street
London, WC1A 1NH
Tel: +44 207 813 1633
Fax: +44 207 813 1634
Email: info@languagesforlife.com