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Having it all in New South Wales

As the most populous state in Australia, New South Wales is certainly not averse to people and international students are sure to feel right at home among the wider community. With world renowned beaches, bushland, mountains and landmarks it’s certainly one of Australia’s most popular states too. Jane Vernon Smith reports.

New South Wales offers international language travel students everything they need in one place,” enthuses Fiona Shannon, Business Manager at ICET in the Sydney suburb of Belrose, “the city life, the beaches, a cosmopolitan night life and wonderful shopping. New South Wales is the logical first choice for students – easy to get to from wherever they come from in the world, and it has everything they need; so why travel further?”

Sydney, the state’s capital, has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to Annalise Vogel of Navitas English, which has four centres within the city. The harbour, the surrounding rugged bushland and foreshore walks, its aboriginal sites, the historic landing points of the first European settlers, the inner harbour beaches, which are connected by a ferry network and used non-stop by the locals – all of these capture the essence of the city for Vogel. Iconic landmarks, such as the harbour bridge and opera house are not only its trademark, she says, but also provide locals and visitors alike with entertainment and a sense of awe.

Some of Sydney’s beach areas are perhaps as well known as these central landmarks. Manly, for example, is famous for its water sports. As Geos Manly campus is located just 30 seconds from the beach, a very large number of its students enjoy spending their spare time there, swimming, surfing or just sunbathing, says spokesperson, Aiyana Lee. “They enjoy the holiday feel of Manly,” she comments, and “really appreciate the relaxed beach lifestyle that, at the same time, is only 30 minutes from the city centre of Sydney.”

Manly is also a beautiful location, as Samantha Milton, Director of Studies at Manly-based Sydney English Academy (SEA), highlights. “When you get off the ferry at Manly, you’re instantly treated to the most amazing views – sandy white beaches stretching all the way up the coast,” she says. “Manly itself has such a wonderful village atmosphere; you instantly feel that you belong.” Added to that, Milton points out, it is safe and clean, and has everything within easy reach, so that, “If you don’t want to leave the suburb, you don’t have to!”

Given the temptations that lie within easy reach, however, this is perhaps unlikely, and the school offers a wide range of visits and excursions in and around Sydney and beyond. One of the most popular of these is the Blue Mountains trip. This packs in a taste of absolutely everything on offer in that area, comments Milton, including a walk along the track alongside the world’s steepest railway and meeting kangaroos and koalas at a local wildlife park, as well as a taste of the area’s aboriginal heritage.

Located in Macquarie Park, a suburb north-west of Manly, is Macquarie International at Maquarie University. Here, the International Student Services team coordinates day trips to a variety of popular destinations outside the Sydney area during mid-term breaks. Students can, for example, visit the national capital, Canberra, take a day in the countryside of the famous Hunter Valley wine region or enjoy the unspoilt beauty of New South Wales’ southern coastline.

“New South Wales is amazing, as it has a lot to offer due to its climate, unique flora and fauna and cosmopolitan inhabitants,” says Adriana Petkov at Ability Education. The school, which is centrally based within Sydney, tries to show the many sides of the state through interactive weekend trips. “In the summer, we offer surf camps in the south coast (Gerroa); [in] winter, skiing in the Snowy Mountains; [in] spring, wine and whales on the central coast and, in autumn, a farm experience in the hinterland, Orange,” she explains.

Billy Blue College of English in North Sydney is situated just five minutes from the city centre in one of Australia’s largest business districts, the gateway to Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney’s north shore. From here, “it’s a short walk down to the edge of the harbour that looks across to the Sydney Opera House”, comments Director of Studies, Denver Craig. A ferry trip around the harbour is an inexpensive and beautiful experience, he recommends.

Another suburb situated close to Sydney’s northern beaches is Belrose. This “very suburban” setting is also very leafy, with great views over water and mountains, comments Shannon of local language school, ICET, and rabbits, bush turkeys, cockatoos, kookaburras and lorikeets are often to be seen in domestic backyards. “Our students particularly love the lifestyle here – seeing it as very ‘typical’ Australian,” she reports.

Moving southwest, about 50 minutes by train from the centre of Sydney is Liverpool. Although located within the metropolitan boundary of Greater Sydney, Liverpool has a long history as a city in its own right, and is celebrating its bicentenary in 2010. Today’s population is a multicultural one, observes Peter Freeman at TAFE International Education Centre (TIEC) in the city, yet it “maintains the character of Australia’s relaxed and friendly style”, he notes, while offering all the benefits of city living.

Wollongong, to the south of Sydney, offers some of the best surf beaches in New South Wales, according to Janet Holen at Wollongong College Australia at the University of Wollongong. Known as one of Australia’s most liveable regional cities, it combines a relaxed, coastal atmosphere with cosmopolitan dining, shopping and culture, she says.

Both the college and university offer activities programmes to suit every type of student. The South Coast whale-watching tour offers the chance to see a whale or dolphin close-up at Jervis Bay, while the Sydney Adventure trek, provides the opportunity to visit national parks, the Sea Cliff Bridge, with its spectacular views, and Cronulla Beach for surfing and body-boarding. “On each trip they enjoy being able to experience a few aspects of what’s unique to Australia,” says Holen.

Another coastal destination with much to offer is Byron Bay. Situated at Australia’s most easterly point, close to where New South Wales meets Queensland, Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination that is known for its many beaches. Byron Bay English Language School capitalises on this setting by offering a wide range of sea-bound excursions, including courses in surfing, diving, and sea kayaking with dolphins and whales. “Most students want to try surfing,” says Director, Michael O’Grady, “as it is such an exhilarating experience.”

Agent viewpoint

“The price is lower so you get better value for money and the visas for a long period of study (four-to-eight months or maybe a year) are easier to get in Australia and NZ and not in the UK. In their spare time, students in New South Wales enjoy surfing, beach activities and everything else that students usually do – sightseeing, meeting new friends, sport etc. Sydney is a big city with all the possibilities to learn a new culture, find new friends, visit new places, discover new flora and fauna (the students usually know that Australia has many unique animals and plants). Usually people want to live in a more quiet place when they get older but when they are young they like places where they have all the possibilities and opportunities which a big city can provide.”
Ludmila Motova, Language Collection, Russia

“NSW seems the more open minded, avant-garde state in terms of individual freedom, maybe the influence of Sydney. You can feel the difference when you are in Byron Bay and after an hours drive north you are in Queensland that has a more conservative vibe in comparison. In terms of weather and natural contrasts, NSW offers the sunshine-beach environment most Europeans expect to experience in Australia but also beautiful mountains where you can ski in the winter.”
Krister Weidenhielm, ESL, Switzerland

“Students are attracted to the lifestyle and environment which vastly contrasts with Germany. They enjoy the good weather, beaches, watersports and activities that are unavailable at home, for example surfing. NSW does not compare to Germany, it offers a complete new culture that excites students.”
Thomas Kiechle, AIFS, Germany

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