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New York, New York

Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, students will find much to occupy their every waking minute in New York. Jane Vernon Smith jumps in a yellow cab and takes a tour of this vibrant, active metropolis.

Thanks to TV and film, New York is one of the best know cities on earth. Yet for all this familiarity, its character and attractions are hard to sum up in a few words. For Eimear Harrison of Rennert International, it is “the most dynamic place you will ever visit”. As Oliva Gautschi of Kaplan International Colleges acknowledges, “New York is the city that never sleeps, and, most definitely, a city where nobody gets bored.”

“A large number of our students love the accessibility features of the city,” comments Orteg Dakaj at Marymount Manhattan College. “Being able to locate a multitude of unique ethnic food establishments within a radius of just a few blocks – and doing so on a 24-hour basis in some instances – pleases and fascinates every single group of new students we bring in, regardless of nationality.”

For David Charnaud of International House, it is the scale of the place and its variety that students most enjoy on arrival. “Everyone loves the skyscrapers, the museums and the fact that there is so much to do.” He comments, “You could spend a week in the Met [Metropolitan Museum of Art] alone, and the MoMa [Museum of Modern Art] is the best of its kind.”

New York is also, according to Matthew Peipert at Manhattan Language, a city of ambition, and its status as a global cultural and financial epicentre attracts students who “look forward to important internships and progress along their chosen career paths”, Dakaj observes.

The city’s “strength, pride and hope” that it exudes to the world is, for Gregory Muñoz at Geos New York Language Institute, what attracts more than 40 million tourists to the city each year. “Of course,” he adds, “the extraordinary amount of attractions New York has to offer should not be overlooked.”

With an excellent public transport system, including a bus and subway network that can take you practically anywhere in the city, the sights of the city are accessible to all. Furthermore, for all its size, New York is, as Rita Capolarello of inlingua in Fifth Avenue, highlights, “a walking city”, where most attractions can be seen on foot. At Rennert, organised monthly walking tours in the East Village, Central Park and Williamsburg area are always well attended and very popular, comments Noga La’or, Academic Director at the school, as students are very interested in getting to know different parts of the city.

Indeed, according to Capolarello, the sights and sounds of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods – including Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Harlem and Fifth Avenue – are among its chief attractions for students, who can take in their architectural variety – from the brownstones of the Upper West and East sides, to the skyscrapers of midtown and downtown, she highlights. Not to be missed, she says, is the walk from East to West Greenwich Village. “The most beautiful streets lined with brownstone houses over 100 years old. Think Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building from

Sex and the City.” She also recommends the walk along tree-lined Fifth Avenue, especially between 59th and 90th Streets, where, she says, “you will find museums every few blocks, as well as beautiful doormen-attended high-rise buildings.”

For Peipert, “A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must. Day or night, it offers a spectacular view of the city skyline. The best place for people-watching,” he adds, “may be Coney Island during a hot summer day on the beach and boardwalk.”

When it comes to recommended sights and activities, there are, for Harrison, just too many to mention. “Definitely the Manhattan skyline from a boat...or a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge,” she concedes. Then, she suggests taking in some kind of food experience, for instance, an early evening drink at a roof-top bar, or “eating at a highly recommended ‘hole-in-the-wall’ ethnic neighbourhood restaurant – for me, it’s Dominican rotisserie chicken with rice and beans,” she says, or, perhaps, gallery-hopping in Chelsea or Soho after brunch on Saturday.

With so many famous sights to see, everyone has their own favourites. For Marianne Vaccaro at St Giles International, her top must-see attractions include: Times Square, “as the place that seems to be the centre, the heart, of Manhattan”; the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock observation deck at the Rockefeller Center for an “unforgettable and breath-taking view” of the city; and the Staten Island Ferry, where students can take a free ride, providing a “captivating and unforgettable view from the water of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island and the East and Hudson Rivers”.

However short their stay, students should make time to take in some of the many amazing cultural opportunities available within the city. “The museums and music scene are second-to-none,” says Peipert. “Especially in the summer, free art and music events abound.” Furthermore, “Broadway is synonymous with theatre, and, with something for everyone – from Cirque du Soleil to Billy Elliot – no trip to New York is complete without a trip to a show,” says Charnaud. “New York also has fabulous parades and public events throughout the year – see the fireworks on July 4, or come to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, cheer on the runners in the New York Marathon, dress up and join the Hallowe’en parade, and many, many more.”

In such a fast-moving city, new attractions are constantly presenting themselves. The recently built Highline Park is very popular, relates Peipert. As he explains, “a community group managed to change an old, elevated freight-train track into a long, narrow, gorgeous park that runs along the West side of Manhattan. It is bracketed on either end by beer gardens – one of which has a roller rink – which only makes the park that much more popular,” he observes.

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center is currently taking place. When completed, reports Muñoz, it will be the tallest building in the United States, standing, symbolically, at 1,776 feet high – 1776 being the year America won its independence. With the tower due for completion in 2013, “I seriously suggest coming to New York City to celebrate in the healing and our new beginning,” he urges.

Advisor viewpoint

“For most of our students, New York is the city that they have to go to once in their lifetime. From the moment students arrive, they like the safety and easy-to-get-around [transport system]. They also like that they can see all the things they have seen on TV. Some of our students like the atmosphere that they can feel free, because they can dress or behave the way they want to.”
Mayumi Morimoto, Language School Worldwide, Spain

“Young people in Korea get lots of influences from many movies and magazines about New York City, so they want to go there and see these things directly. New York City has a bunch of attractions to gather the young generation from many countries. They also like the city’s atmosphere.
They mostly comment on its safety.”
Hyun Ae Cho, Visual Uhak, Korea

“Brazilians really love New York! It’s one of the most popular destinations for our students. It’s a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, with people from all over the world and lots of things to do: shopping, many cultural activities, sports, restaurants, nightlife and much more. It’s very easy and pleasant to go walking everywhere and public transportation is also very good.”
Luiza Vianna, CI, Brazil

“Many students choose New York because it is New York! It’s a very exciting, big city, just like Tokyo in Japan. Also it is an international city with a wealth of things to experience. New York is said [to be] a melting pot, so there is so much activity packed into a very limited amount of [space], rather than a sprawling city like Los Angeles. There is literally always something to do and every day can feel like a new experience. Many students are surprised that the subway is running 24 hours, and it is not too dangerous.”
Ayana Shimozato, DEOW Resource Management, USA

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