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Special Report
Junior boom
2010 foDespite the uncertain economic climate, the junior language travel market is growing, with junior course providers attracting more young students, a wider range of nationalities and junior students willing to travel further from their home countries. Juniors are also becoming more discerning about what they want. It’s a tough sector to operate in but the rewards are plentiful. Gillian Evans reports.

Advisor Survey
Middle Eastern surprise
This month we track the outbound business trends of Middle Eastern agencies and discover that intensive study and higher education programmes top the list of client requests.

Tertiary Focus
Higher education in Ontario
Universities in Ontario are keen to increase the international dimension of their campuses as Jane Vernon Smith discovers.

Vocational Focus
Vintage vocations
In the first of a new series focusing on vocational subjects, we look at viticulture studies. With a range of courses across every major wine region, viticulture and wine courses are growing in popularity. Matthew Knott grabs a glass and has a taste.

Secondary Focus
One-year GCSE
More and more UK independent schools are adding the one-year GCSE to their academic provision. Preparing international students for entry onto further education, according to providers it produces consistently high results. Nicola Hancox reports.

Secondary Focus
Short-term in the UK
Short-term academic programmes at UK boarding schools provide overseas students with an invaluable taster of boarding school life. Gillian Evans reports.

Fragrance of France
France is certainly a feast for all the senses with its rich cultural heritage, and world famous cuisine, wines and perfumes. Gillian Evans takes a tour of some French highlights.

City Focus
New York, New York
Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, students will find much to occupy their every waking minute in New York. Jane Vernon Smith jumps in a yellow cab and takes a tour of this vibrant, active metropolis.

Online advantage
Virtual, or online, learning has been with us for a number of years, but until fairly recently, was seen as a discrete area of the language-learning market. Today, however, the whole idea has gained momentum, and, led by the bigger players, more and more language schools are incorporating virtual learning into their traditional classroom-based programmes – in many cases, with the help of one of the sector’s specialist providers. Jane Vernon Smith reports.

Market Analysis
Malta cools down
In this our first ever Market Analysis feature, we assess Malta’s English language teaching market in 2010 and ask providers to comment, at large, on how business has fared over the last 12 months.

English plus sports in Canada
With a vast and beautiful landscape perfect for a range of outdoor activities, Canada is a natural destination for students looking to combine English study and sports tuition, as Matthew Knott discovers.

Out with the old, in with the new

UK schools demand government apology
Clubclass arrives in London
International enrolment growth in the USA
New name, logo and expansion for Open Hearts
Belta survey forecasts Brazil’s growth
Neas contracted for Cricos audit services
Surge in applications for CEA accreditation

News Round Up
Milestone anniversaries
Online language test goes global
Move towards Asian Erasmus scheme
LAL opens new look Cape Town centre
French wine course gets English spirit
Canada to take PhD students as residents
UK schools come together as ELC
Japanese loyal to Christchurch
Cambridge Esol at Navitas & CLCI, A-levels at IH Dublin
Travel update
News in brief

Inside The Industry
On the move
Educator associationQ&A: Ialc
Advisor association Q&A: UED
Industry issues
Agency of the month: Thebing Travel Group

One-to-one in Spain
Students with specific goals, or who wish to learn a language at an accelerated pace, will find the intense nature of a one-to-one programme extremely beneficial


Out with the old, in with the new

by nicola Hancox, editor

Welcome, reader, to the new look Study Travel Magazine! Indeed, what better time to ring the changes than at the start of a brand new calendar year. New year, new look, new focus.
While language learning has always been an integral part of the international education landscape, and indeed integral to what we here at STM have specialised in for so many years, the industry has evolved to encompass so much more. Advisors are increasingly expanding their business portfolios to include high school, higher education, work experience/internship or vocational programmes. This month’s Advisor Survey supports this very notion, with higher education flagged as the most significant sector for outbound agency business in the Middle East .

As the only publication dedicated to educational tourism, it’s our job to chart this evolution and in this issue, and indeed subsequent issues, we pay testament to just how multi-faceted this industry has become. Flick to page 29 to read our very first vocational expose focussing on viticulture and oenology (the study of wine and wine-making) – indicating, I feel, how career-oriented learning is really finding a foothold in the industry (and who knew the UK had so many commercial vineyards?). Those with more academic leanings can turn to page 31 where we analyse one-year GCSE courses in the UK – one of two secondary related topics up for discussion this month. Or those interested in tertiary placements abroad should turn to page 27 to read about how universities in Ontario, Canada, are looking to diversify their student campuses through international student recruitment. Indeed, there really is something for everyone.

Each sector is conveniently colour-coded (see the top of each news story or editorial feature) guiding you swiftly to relevant editorial content. So if interested in the secondary/high school sector then look out for the blue tabs, tertiary the yellow, language the red, vocational the green and grey for associated product news.

Also new this month is our all-encompassing Market Analysis feature (page 63). Amalgamating our school Status, student Feedback and Market Report features of old, we will analyse the main language (red tab!) teaching destinations around the world, comparing statistics gathered from schools, students and, wherever possible, industry bodies.

Keen to hear what you think about our new look mag, so do get in contact. Now, pass me that wine article again...

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