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On the move

Robin Garforth has been appointed Director of Recruitment for English Language and Short Courses at Into University Partnerships in the UK. Based at Into’s new Brighton headquarters, Mr Garforth will lead the marketing and sales promotion of an exciting suite of English language and subject and language integrated programmes, offered at selected universities, both on-campus and in vibrant city-centres in the UK and USA. Mr Garforth comes from a background of ELT promotion with senior marketing and sales experience at Regent Language Training, St Giles International and International House London.

With an extensive business background and considerable experience at senior executive/CEO level, Jean Vernor (top) has joined Study Group as Managing Director, Embassy English in the USA. Based in New York, Ms Vernor’s career so far includes being President and General Manager at General Electric; CEO of a global manufacturer with operations in the USA, Canada and UK; and various CMO roles in the financial services sector. Yuri Narciss (bottom) has been appointed Executive Director, Sales and Marketing and will be based in Singapore. Mr Narciss joins from Google where he spent almost nine years working in a variety of senior sales roles in Germany and Australia before becoming Head of Strategy and Sales Operations in China.

Eppie Mc Farlane has been appointed Director of Studies at The International English School (TIES) in South Africa. She comments, “After several years as a primary school teacher, I was ready to leave education for good when I discovered EFL teaching. Ten years on, I now head The International English School in Somerset West and have time to concentrate on making TIES the best place for teachers, TEFL trainees and students to be. My strengths lie in organisation and drawing everyone into the TIES family.”

With a career spanning 25 years as an international educator and pioneer in the globalisation of education, Professor Maurits Van Rooijen has been appointed Rector and CEO to expand innovation and academic development at the London School of Business & Finance in the UK. Professor Van Rooijen is an economic historian with a PhD in Green Urbanisation from the University of Utrecht. He has held positions at several universities across the globe, including the University of Leiden, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Victoria University in Melbourne. From 1993 to 2009, he was Vice-President for International and Institutional Development at the University of Westminster.

Q&A Educator association

Jan Capper, Executive Director of Ialc, answers our questions about the organisation’s activities over the last 12 months.

Full name: International Association of Language Centres
Year established: 1983
Number of members: 113
Type of members: Full and associate (branches of full members)
Association’s main role: Marketing and quality assurance
Code of practice: yes
Complaints procedure: yes
Agent workshops/fam trips: yes
Contact details:
Ialc, Lombard House, 12-17 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, CT1 2NF, UK
T: +44 1227769007
E: info@ialc.org
W: www.ialc.org

What has your association been up to recently?

We welcomed new members in several countries: Centre of English Studies in Ireland and the UK, Piccola Universita Italiana in Italy, Taronja School in Spain, Jeffreys Bay Language School in South Africa and ESE and ETI in Malta. Two members also opened branches: English Language Center in Santa Barbara, USA and Mandarin House in up-and-coming Guangzhou, China. We held our 2012 agent workshop in Toronto, hosted by Tamwood Language Centres with fam trips in Canada and the USA. Ialc and Ialc members were shortlisted 26 times in the STM Star Awards 2012, where French in Normandy and Liden & Denz became the first Ialc STM Super Stars! We attended Alphe and other workshops, where our aim is to provide information about our quality assurance, partner agency scheme, workshop and member schools. We were active in the school association umbrella group, Gaela, which is working on industry data and association benchmarking among other issues, and we also supported Alto’s professional development programme. We ran a roadshow to St Petersburg and Moscow in November, attended by around 80 agent delegates and 17 Ialc members. In April 2012 we elected two new board members. Celestine Rowland of Galway Cultural Institute is spearheading quality assurance, looking at more interactive quality auditing and a gradual shift from peer to external inspectors. Jean-Marc Alberola of Bridge-Linguatec is now Vice-President Marketing and is focusing initially on improving our use of technology in marketing.

Please explain the recent changes to your membership policy.

At the Alto seminar in September we learned all about the seven-year business cycle. We’d had our membership policy for much longer than seven years so something had to change! Seriously, we went through a strategic review that took account of the continuing consolidation of language schools into chains as well as agent feedback about the range of schools in Ialc, and this led to a more flexible membership policy in terms of type and location of schools, but with no change to Ialc quality standards. Generally, the changes have been well received by agents and members. Membership is still by invitation and subject to a successful application and inspection, but in essence the new policy allows us now to invite independent schools that are affiliated to certain other networks, or that are economically independent but not necessarily 100 per cent privately owned, for example. We want to grow with really top quality independent language schools that enhance our portfolio for agents.

What have been the greatest challenges members have faced in the past year?

The key challenges are visa policies and exchange rates, both of which have a major impact on where students go to study from one year to the next. And generally, the global economic situation – these are tough times for individuals and businesses around the world.

What does the association have planned for 2013?

Since 2013 is our 30th year, we are planning a special celebration at our workshop in April in Lisbon, which is hosted by founding member Cial – Centro de Linguas. Cial is the perfect example of a second generation family-run independent language school and its director happens to be our current president, so it’s worked out very neatly for our 30th anniversary!

Q&A Agent association

Xuewen E, Executive Vice President of Bossa, talks about setting standards for the industry.

Full name of association: Beijing Overseas Study Service Association (Bossa)
Year established: 2004
Number of members: 71

What has bossa achieved in the last year?

Bossa has been focusing on setting standards and accreditation regulations for the agent industry in China and the training of professionals within the sector. Bossa held its AGM in May last year and currently has 71 members. In March, Bossa attended an exhibition organised by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education of China. We have also been working with mainstream media on a project called National Golden Medal Consultant Contest to promote reputable agencies.

Where do you stand on quality standards?

It is necessary to have an accreditation policy and a set of standards for agencies to abide by. In China, there was no such policy or set standards in place. That is why Bossa is working on setting standards for the industry. Bossa members sign a “Decree of Honest Service” which is very general and difficult to conduct since the agreement lacks detail and looked to address moral standards. The association is trying to persuade the government to give the authority of reviewing and evaluating agencies (old and new) to Bossa, which echoes the policy of government: industry self-management.

What challenges do member agencies face?

They are facing a mature market with fierce competition and less market share. Agencies should provide better services, as well as expand them to include more on-shore services such as accommodation and internships.

What does Bossa have planned?

We hope to expand the association; recruit more members and verify their services. We are promoting Bossa as a more international association. Considering students from Asia make up a big portion of those studying overseas, we want to form an Asian affiliation. Promoting the exchange of students among Asian countries is also something we are considering. Why not study somewhere that is on your doorstep?

Industry issues - agents speak out

Q. Are you open to working with a school that has just started operating?

Tugce Atakan, Easy Education Abroad Counselling, Turkey
“New schools sometimes contact me. Most of them have been in operation for a few years and they are usually family run. The manager or the owner of a school could have personal experience in the sector and could really do well in their operation. There will always be agencies that choose to work with new schools but the problem is the institution, being new to the sector, makes it harder to receive the necessary accreditation. It takes time for a school to meet certain standards. Most of the time I feel better and more secure if I know that the school has met a certain set of standards or got points of excellence in certain criteria. However, I would be willing to visit a new school or its representative just to see how they are doing because there could be some details that will attract me to work with them. What I would suggest is the schools give a money refund guarantee to agents to send students in the first year.”

Juan Garoz, Eurolingua, Spain
“Increasingly we find new schools, which offer low prices, classes usually filled with the maximum number of students and where there are typically only a few nationalities. Most Spanish clients seek economical schools from more than 600 agencies around Spain, therefore decreasing the benefits and profits of the company by looking for the cheapest proposal. In reality we are talking about cut throat prices, but some agencies are willing to take risks with schools that are not so well-known and without a strong reputation. Recently we have relied on the opening of a new school. Relying on a school with very little experience, we travelled to visit them and see the facilities offered and meet the teachers. Both the facilities and the staff met our expectations, and most staff had [worked with other education providers].”

Andres Carmona, ESL, Chile
“As an agency, we are always looking for new English schools to represent. For a brand new school, the most important thing for me is to have trust and transparency with the staff. It is important that we speak with the administration, and that they offer a satisfaction guarantee for the students to ensure that they have a good plan to remain operating successfully for many years to come. I always feel more comfortable sending a student to a school that I have seen first-hand and have had a good rapport with the staff, so for me to send a student to a new school, I would need good incentives such as discounts to offer to the students, as well as photos and/or videos of the school and its resources. I would also like to see the credentials of the teachers and director. If we send a student to study at the institute and they return with great feedback, we are happy to represent and actively promote them.”

Ibitayo Bayo Francis, Franice-Fort Associates, Nigeria
“I believe there is always a starting point in every endeavour and getting to the top of a ladder starts from the base. We can work with any school in terms of recruiting students, particularly newly established ones, in order for them to grow. This prompted us to sign an agreement with the University of Mediterranean Karpasia in North Cyprus who opened her doors to both local and foreign students in July 2012. Accreditation is not a matter of how many years a school has been established but is rooted in a well-defined programme, adequate infrastructure, lecturers and students.”

Agency of the month

In a series appearing each month in Study Travel Magazine, we ask a different teaching institution to nominate one of their preferred agencies or agent partners, and to explain why this person/company is worthy of their nomination.

This month Langports in Australia nominates international agency, Information Planet. Anna France, Marketing Director at the school, explains this decision.

“Langports and Information Planet have been working together since 2005 just as Langports Brisbane was established. Over the past few years, Information Planet have been growing rapidly and connecting their 28 plus offices around the globe with their new information database, familiarisation tours and IP seminars in Australia, Europe and South America. Bringing their team together in these ways has strengthened our relationship and we’ve been very happy to have the support of the team at Information Planet. Led by Mauricio and Josef, Information Planet provide quality information and services to students from all around the globe and Langports is proud to be their partner.”

“One of the things we value the most is the quality of education for our students. Langports has continuously shown this to our students through dedication and professionalism. Based on the same values, our companies’ business partnership will continue to thrive.”
Mauricio Pucci, Information Planet, International

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