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City Focus
Exquisite Quito
The thriving capital of Ecuador, with a spectacular blend of both modern and historical features and all key attractions reachable within a few hours; Quito is becoming the hot new study destination in Latin America. Cherrelle Harroo finds out more.

World cup mania

By the time you read this issue, the Fifa football World Cup should be in full swing and you will have joined one of two camps – those that are watching their team religiously and writing the scores down in their official Fifa wall charts and those counting the seconds until the event ends and the world gets back to normal. When it comes to football it seems that there are no half measures.

Whichever camp you belong to, an international event of such magnitude as the World Cup cannot help but inspire awe as almost noone in the whole world remains untouched by it. So, while I will be taking the opportunity to visit central London for a bit of shopping during key England games – the only time central London is completely deserted of people and traffic – I will still be supporting the opportunity this event offers for increased communication across country boundaries and the possibilities this affords our industry.

Sports in particular offer a way for international education providers to increase their profiles and connect with potential students in a fun and interesting way. I was struck this month by the work of Education New Zealand in India, who organised a Twenty20 cricket tournament for high school students in India (page 14) and am interested by the fact that students seem to increasingly demand provision in sports and other activities during their language courses abroad. The opening of two new language school campuses in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia (page 7) supports this trend as students increasingly look at how they are going to fill their spare time when choosing where to study.

And in the UK, the opening of an artificial surf reef in Bournemouth affords many opportunities for language schools in the area to incorporate this attraction into their courses. One language school that is opening a new campus in the area intends to start offering English and surfing courses in the future (page 39). An increased focus on the location of a language school, rather than what courses it offers, is perhaps a trend that is here to stay and one that schools can make the most of. IH Cape Town students have already been involved in a number of World Cup related events and this will surely continue at language schools throughout South Africa during the competition. I only hope that students learn a bit more English than “That referee needs glasses” during their time overseas!

World cup mania

Geos Corp goes bust in Japan
Navitas expands worldwide
Bilingual education for children in Spain
ELS opens new centres in the USA
Australia’s sunshine coast attracts development
NZ international students increase
Escuela Internacional closes down
Australian state governments develop international strategy

Agency News
Multiple spring workshops
Online training for agents

Agency Survey
Korea growing again
The outgoing student market in Korea has been suffering in recent years, mainly as a result of the economic crisis. Language travel agents reported a difficult year in 2008 and conditions have not much improved in 2009. The outlook for the future, however, is brighter.

With Western European numbers falling, Canadian schools appear to be attracting a greater number of students from the Middle East. Meanwhile, students are increasingly turning to agents when it comes to finding out about a new school.

Work and travel in Australia
Language schools in Australia are increasingly tapping into the working holiday market and providing paid work opportunities for students either during or after their language courses.

Course Guide
Exams in Malta
Preparatory exam courses are offset by a stunning beachside locale on the Mediterranean island of Malta. As well as Ielts and Toefl, language centres in Malta also offer alternative exam prep courses like City&Guilds, Cambridge, Trinity and Toeic as complete or optional units.

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