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Geos Corp goes bust in Japan

English language school chain Geos Corporation, based in Japan, have filed for bankruptcy at Tokyo District Court. The corporation, which owns and runs 329 schools in Japan are said to have liabilities of 7.5 billion yen (US$80 million). Nagoya-based G Communication, which took over the Nova school chain when they went bankrupt in 2007, has already taken over 230 Geos schools in Japan, while the remaining 99 have closed down.

Around 36,800 students were studying at Geos schools at the time of the collapse and 7,800 students are studying at schools slated for closure. The Geos chain has been experiencing difficulties since the beginning of the year with eight schools closing down in Australia in January (see LTM, March 2010, page 7). Since then, the remaining Geos schools in New Zealand and Europe have been being taken over by previous employees (see LTM, May 2010, page 7 and LTM, June 2010, page 7).

The fate of the 12 Geos schools currently operating in the USA and Canada is currently unclear as the shares for the North American branch of the company are being held by the trustee in Japan awaiting sale. A statement released by Geos USA and Geos Canada said, “There has been no change in the legal or operating status of the companies in Canada and the USA and we look forward to a rapid sale and to continuing to provide excellent services to our students and partners.”

Navitas expands worldwide

Australia-based education provider, Navitas, is undergoing a period of rapid expansion as the company has opened a new education precinct in Australia, as well as expanded operations in Australia and the UK.

The new precinct was opened in Brisbane in April this year and will provide space for different areas of the Navitas business. The building mirrors a similar venture by the company in Sydney. Navitas CEO, Rod Jones, said, “The new precinct will be home to three key areas of our business; Navitas English – ACE/ACL Brisbane – Navitas Workforce – Internships, Workforce Solutions and the Navitas College of Public Safety – and also Navitas Group Marketing. It will provide first class facilities for our students, in the city centre close to all amenities and transport as well as giving students the opportunity to combine other programmes offered by Navitas within the precinct.”

Former Australian cricket captain and Navitas brand ambassador, Steve Waugh, was present at the opening and said that his relationship with Navitas was based on a shared interest in helping others achieve their goals. “Education can make a real difference to young lives and Navitas is an impressive organisation which looks to take its students on an educational journey – demonstrated here in the Navitas Brisbane precinct with their multiple colleges and businesses,” he said.

The company also recently acquired Health Skills Australia, an education provider specialising in the delivery of accredited health and aged care qualifications in New South Wales and Victoria, and launched an agreement with Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Scotland for a new international college at the university’s Aberdeen campus. The agreement marks the company’s eighth university programmes division college in the UK.

Professor John Harper, Acting Principal and Vice-Chancellor at RGU, said, “We currently have students from more than 65 countries among our 14,000 strong student body. Our current approach includes providing international students with visa, immigration and language support. We see Navitas’s approach to developing a supportive learning environment for students to transfer to our mainstream courses as a great fit with our modern and innovative philosophy to tertiary education.”

Bilingual education for children in Spain

Two hundred and forty-two primary schools and 32 secondary schools in the region of Madrid, Spain, are to offer students a bilingual education in Spanish and English from September in a bid to promote English language learning in the province said the government.

However, a marketing campaign costing E1.8 million (US$2.28 million), launched to encourage parents to enrol their children at the bilingual schools, has been criticised for its use of the campaign slogan “Yes, we want!”

Posters of children below the slogan have been pasted on buses and billboards around the city and have been reprimanded by the Association of Language School Teachers in Madrid due to the fact that the slogan is grammatically incorrect. Carla Baena, President of the association, said, “They have abandoned the grammatically correct for the impact that publicity slogans could have.”

ELS opens new centres in the USA

ELS Language Centers in the USA has opened five new language schools on university campuses this year.

The new schools are located on the campuses of the University of Tampa, FL, Ohio Dominican University, Northern Illinois University, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith and the University of Houston – Clear Lake. John Nicholson, Director of Marketing and Communications at ELS, said, “As we are about to enter our 50th year, it is great to confirm that ELS is the largest campus-based ESL provider in the USA, and also is the largest single provider of Toefl IBT and Ielts testing throughout the USA.”

Australia’s sunshine coast attracts development

Two language schools in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, have announced plans to expand their operations into new buildings. GV Australia is to open a new campus in Maroochydore in June this year, replacing the campus in Caloundra, while Sea English Academy is to open a new branch of their school in a new building in Caloundra in 2012.

Martin McDonald, Marketing Director at GV Australia, said that the new location was already proving popular with European students looking for a beachside study experience. He added, “We opened in Caloundra a couple of years ago but we’ve quickly outgrown that location. Our new school in Maroochydore gives us huge room for further expansion and is located in what may well be the best location in the country…right on the beach, in one of Australia’s leading beach resorts.”

The Sea English Academy campus in Caloundra will be located in a new AUS$50 million (US$45 million) accommodation facility for overseas students currently being built. Teaching facilities will be located on the ground floor in an education centre, while the remaining four floors will provide 390 beds for students. Kim Edwards, Director of Sea English Academy, said, “It’s a great complex with several other training businesses in the building. It will be a training hub for international students. The site is also just a street away from the beach and the main shopping street of Caloundra, so it’s a perfect location.”

NZ international students increase

The number of international students studying in New Zealand grew by six per cent in 2009 compared with 2008, according to statistics released by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. This is the first increase in international student numbers in New Zealand since 2002.
A total of 93,505 international fee-paying students were studying in New Zealand in 2009, with revenue from this group totalling NZ$664 million (US$478 million) – an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year. Tertiary Education Minister, Steven Joyce, said, “New Zealand has the capacity to increase these numbers further and, with numbers now rising, it’s also time for us to look at widening the scope of our international education activities.” He added that international education contributes more than NZ$2 billion (US$1.4 billion) to the country’s economy each year.

Escuela Internacional closes down

Escuela Internacional, a language school chain based in Spain, has closed down. The school, which has branches in Alcala de Henares, Malaga, Mexico and Costa Rica, announced to its agents in April that it would cease trading.

A spokesperson from another language school in Spain, who did not wish to be named, said that Escuela Internacional had done all it could to find new schools for students affected by the closure.

Australian state governments develop international strategy

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has announced plans to introduce a range of strategies to improve the safety and wellbeing of international students, including the introduction of an independent statutory complaints body from January 2011.

The measures have been implemented as part of the council’s International Students’ Strategy for Australia and include a Study in Australia information portal for students that will include information on personal safety, student support services and tenancy and employment rights and responsibilities. In the light of the recent spate of school and college closures in Australia, which has severely dented the country’s reputation worldwide, the council is also to set up provider closure taskforces in each state in Australia to coordinate support for students in the event that a school closes down.

Other measures include the introduction of a student consultative committee and a national engagement strategy to facilitate connections between international students and the broader community.

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