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Work and travel in Australia

Language schools in Australia are increasingly tapping into the working holiday market and providing paid work opportunities for students either during or after their language courses.

Language programmes that also include a paid work option have developed in line with the increased availability of working holiday visas in student markets. This particular visa allows students to travel around Australia for one year while undertaking paid employment for no longer than six months with one employer and studying for four months. Student visas also allow students on long-term programmes to work for up to 10 hours a week during term time.

Currently students from Belgium, Canada, the Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and the UK are eligible for a working holiday visa, while young people from Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the United States are eligible to apply for a similar work and holiday visa. Last year, a total of 187,696 visitors entered Australia on a working holiday visa.

Kate Tarrant from Phoenix Academy in Perth, WA says that they have offered work programmes for students at the school since 1993. “While the interest in a ‘work experience’ type programme has always been strong, the possibility for students to combine work with study on an Australian student visa and the increase in working holiday visa markets provided a clear opportunity for us to offer the demi and aupair programmes and more recently the job club service,” she says. “With Perth being in the fortunate position of having plenty of jobs available for both skilled and unskilled workers, there has been little difficulty in placing students.”

With many language schools in Australia located in tourist regions, work opportunities for students are often quite plentiful. Sheryl Jackson from Kaplan International Colleges, says that they have just rolled out their paid work Opus programme in Brisbane this year in response to demand from agents. “[The course is popular with] certain students, mainly those who need extra nurturing or who don’t have the confidence to secure a job for themselves,” she says.

A paid work programme is also a relatively new concept for Byron Bay English Language School in Byron Bay, NSW which has offered such courses since 2008, according to Director Michael O’Grady. He adds, “They are very popular with working holiday makers and we look out for [job] opportunities that might interest/suit students.”

The work opportunities vary widely for students undertaking a paid work programme with a language school and are largely dependent on where they want to be based. David Scott at the English Language Company in Sydney, NSW says that they were the first language school to offer a nationwide work placement service for working holiday makers. “We have been offering work placements through our separate sister organisation Work & Travel Company since 2003,” he says. “We have a dedicated team of work consultants who constantly source jobs all over the country for our members. In many cases, we have long standing contracts to supply workers to hotel resorts, farms, factories, restaurants etc. We offer all sorts of jobs. Some of them may be for just one day like working in hospitality at the Australian Grand Prix and others may be up to six months in length.”

Paid work placements are a useful way for students to earn some extra money during their travels but also maybe more worthwhile in their ability to fully integrate a student into local life. Students can interact with local people, form friendships with Australian people their own age and gain valuable experience in the job market that can stand them in good stead for future work prospects.

Tarrant says that they use a variety of methods to source potential jobs for their students. “Contacts are generally made through various relationships the school has with other business and industry in Perth and regional Western Australia,” she says. “We also liaise actively with job placement agencies for group placements for things like the grape harvesting season. We network actively through a number of Chambers of Commerce and continue to develop more diverse business relationships.”

When it comes to a typical student profile, the majority of students on paid work programmes tend to be under 25 but are ultimately no different from those undertaking general English programmes, according to Jackson. Tarrant adds, “The students that enrol on these programmes are typically looking for a very full Australian experience; living and learning the Australian culture. They are also very keen to travel and see all the sights of Western Australia.”

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