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Special Report
The Asian Century?
A long-time source of students, in the ‘Asian Century’ the continent is increasingly positioning itself as a study destination, pulling students in the opposite direction and giving Asian students alternative destinations. While much has been made of tertiary-level shifts towards English language provision, the dual trends of cultural fascination and business dynamism are also focusing attention on Asian languages, as Matthew Knott discovers.

Agency survey
Central Eastern Europe’s grip
The language learning sector is key to Central & Eastern European agency business. However, many are beginning to cross sell into other sectors.

Teritary focus
Coming to America

International student enrolments at US universities are up, according to latest figures as well as anecdotal evidence from institutions. Yet recruiters should be wary of relying on one or two strong student markets that have taken centre stage at the current time. Bethan Norris reports.

Vocational Focus
Preparing for take off

Offering a career path that can literally take you anywhere in the world, aviation programmes are popular with international students. Nicola Hancox talks to those that specialise in this vocational field.

Secondary Focus
High school sports down under

With its favourable climate, excellent school facilities and strong national interest in sports, Claire Twyman thinks that there is no better place for high school students to practise sports than in Australia.

Secondary Focus
Agents & New Zealand

With many New Zealand secondary schools seeing agents as the best option for meeting recruitment objectives, enrolments through this method are high, as Matthew Knott discovers.

Malta’s unique identity

Malta is an ever-popular destination for learning English. While its credentials as a fun place for beach activities are well-known, its cultural attractions are also extremely strong, making it a good offer for all ages and tastes. Jane Vernon Smith takes a tour.

Regional Focus
California dreaming

The Golden State of the USA, as relaxed as it is creative, offers a real array of experiences to international students – from the scenic delights of the beaches, forests and mountains to the glamour of Hollywood. Claire Twyman reports..

Working skills

Paid work experience and volunteer programmes are not only valuable assets to a client’s CV, but also serve to accelerate language learning and provide a complete cultural immersion, as Gillian Evans reports.

Market Analysis
Australia hopeful

Australian language schools have been suffering from a decline in student numbers for the last four years but the latest evidence from statistics and schools points to a change towards more positive fortunes in 2013. Bethan Norris finds out more

Parent & child courses in Europe
Total language immersion is not just suited to the individual learner. Today, whole families travel abroad to improve their language skills. According to providers, demand for this niche industry offering remains strong, as Nicola Hancox reports.

Spotting the latest trends

Reviews and forecasts at English UK AGM
GSM London opens English school
Alphe Taiwan set for 2014
Declines but positive signs for Australia in 2012
Regulation for Nova Scotiaxs language schools
Niagara College unveils new International Centre
ISIS acquires UIC

News Round Up
Student satisfaction edges up in Australia
New school opens in Brooklyn
Study Group launches ISC in the Netherlands
Griffith College expands campuses
Portuguese homestay school opens in Rio
UK’s FE colleges suffer from visa rules
Overseas students up in UK boarding sector
News in brief
Travel Update

Inside The Industry
On the move
Q&A Educator association: English USA
Industry issues- agents speak out
Q&A Advisor Association: Belta
Agency of the month

Course Guide
Pearson PTE Academic courses worldwide

A relative newcomer on the English language testing scene, the Pearson PTE Academic exam was created in response to demand to provide an exam to specifically test the language skills of students entering an English-speaking academic setting, namely at university level. The number of preparation courses worldwide has grown since the inception of the exam, and is set to rise further.


Spotting the latest trends

by Bethan Norris, Senior Editor

Welcome to the July issue of Study Travel Magazine! There should be lots to interest readers in this month’s issue, not least our Special Report on Asian language and education providers that reveals burgeoning bookings, fueled by business and cultural interest, for Asian language and education qualifications. While those wanting to do business with Asian countries have enroled on language courses within the continent for a while now, schools and other education providers report on the development of more short-term holiday style courses. One leading language school chain explained their decision to set up a branch in China due to a fear of missing the boat. Their decision to offer both English and Chinese language programmes shows that there is clearly demand for both languages in this region. This clearly points to a feeling that Asia will become a very significant destination for study travellers in the next few years and we should all watch out for further growth. It is timely therefore that the Alphe conference team have announced a new destination for next year – Taiwan – which will take place in February 2014 after the Bangkok workshop. Well done to all of those who took part in our Twitter competition to guess the destination and win a free table at the conference!

This issue is also jam packed with statistics regarding business conditions for 2012 as both English UK and English Australia released the results of their annual member surveys in recent weeks. Both Australia and the UK posted declines in business for 2012, revealing the difficult conditions that language schools are having to deal with globally. However it was not all bad news for Australia as government statistics show that student visa holder numbers increased for six months in a row between September and March, creating hope of improvement for the figures in 2013.

A number of key policy changes in Australia may have helped improve the fortunes of language schools and education providers within Australia in recent months but there is also evidence that individual marketing efforts combined with a willingness to diversify course material is also helping to improve things there. Read our Market Analysis on Australia in this issue to find out more.

Increased marketing activities has also helped providers in the USA recently and current statistics show that HE student numbers in the USA were up by the biggest percentage in three years in the 2011/2012 academic year. Providers report that by specialising in different subject areas attractive to international students they can carve a niche for themselves overseas. Long may this creativity continue!

In the May issue of Study Travel Magazine we wrongly stated that INTO University Partnerships had partnerships with universities in Canada in our Special Report feature on academic preparation. In fact, INTO is currently exploring partnership options with Canadian universities but have none in place at the present time. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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