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On the move

Kings Colleges is delighted to announce three new senior appointments. Having co-owned a language school in Argentina and held high profile operational and recruitment roles for Study Group, Shelan Rodger (top) has been appointed Market Development Manager, Europe. Her key focus will be to boost adult student recruitment out of Europe and to develop Kings’ new International High School Programme. Gaining significant experience of student admissions within the international education sector through his previous career at Kaplan, Joseph De LaTorre (middle) has joined as Senior Manager of Admissions for the USA. He will play a key role in ensuring Kings Colleges delivers and maintains a highly efficient and customer-focused admissions department in the USA. Tim Kerr-Dineen (bottom) joins as a Regional Director (Africa and Middle East), with key responsibility for developing recruitment via agent partnerships and government sponsorship programmes. Mr Kerr-Dineen has held senior positions at EF and Study Group.

Neil Stawarz has been appointed Sales and Marketing Manager at Brighton Language College in the UK after previously working for Cactus Language Training for three years. He said, “After working for over five years in the international education sector in the UK and in Italy, I am excited about joining the team at this young and exciting language school based in the very heart of Brighton.”

English Australia is pleased to announce that Chris Wallis, Director of Swinburne College, has been appointed to the role of Chair of the association, with Marc Weedon-Newstead, Principal/Group Executive of the UNSW Institute of Languages, taking up the role of Deputy Chair. In their new roles, Ms Wallis and Mr Weedon-Newstead will work closely with Bianca Panizza, the association’s other Deputy Chair, to lead the Board in guiding the strategic direction of English Australia.

Björn Rosebrock as joined Humboldt-Institut headquarters in Argenbühl, Germany as Head of Educational Personnel. Mr Rosebrock has been working for Humboldt-Institut since 2001 as a freelancer, advancing from social activity organiser to teacher to course director, and will now oversee all educational staff. In his role Mr Rosebrock will support Kim Kluckhohn, Head of Education and Marketing, who will now be able increase marketing activities, working together with Brigitta Alkofer and Johanna Prescher in the marketing team.

Q&A Educator association

This month, Patrick de Bouter, President of the Groupement FLE, tells us about the association’s achievements and challeneges.

Full name: Groupement FLE
Year established: 2008
Number of members: 31
Type of members: Private language schools, universities, Catholic institutes
Association’s main role: A group of professionals with the common aim of offering guaranteed quality services to a wide range of people wishing to learn French. Our three main assets are: mutualisation (pooling information and resources), quality and promotion
Government recognition: None, although as a member of the ‘Conférence’ (with ADCUEFE, Souffle and Unosel) the Groupement FLE plays an active role and is a recognised partner in dealing with ministries on all matters relating to teaching French as a foreign language
Code of practice: yes
Complaints procedure: yes
Agent workshops/Fam Trips: yes
Agent workshops/fam trips: yes
Contact details: Fabienne Oréal,

What has your association been up to in the last 12 months?
The last year has been incredibly busy and rich in events! Several new centres have joined us (French in Normandy, Institut de Touraine, IS Aix-en-Provence, Rencontre Internationale in Nîmes), enriching the diversity of the Groupement FLE both geographically and in terms of different sized member centres. We attended Alphe UK and ICEF Berlin, where it was very pleasing to note that the work of the Groupement FLE is being recognised by more and more people within the profession. We created our annual ‘Journées Pédagogiques’, the first of which was attended by over 100 teachers in Vichy last November. We organised our first-ever Agent Roadshow in Poland in February, which gave the ten participating centres the chance not only to discover more about that market and to meet agents there, but also to get to know each other more and to exchange on the many different aspects of running a language school. Last but not least, our annual ‘Journées Professionnelles’ held in Lyon in January was an ideal opportunity for all of our member centres to meet and exchange on what has been achieved in the last year and on what can still be done in the future.

What challenges are likely to affect member schools in 2012?
Like many countries, we are suffering from visa restrictions which have resulted in many students choosing Switzerland or Canada rather than France to learn French. This is without doubt the biggest concern for our members right now. In the last few years the French language has suffered from the increasing importance of other languages such as Spanish, and the language market in France has faced increased competition from other countries, notably Canada. But France is still the number one tourist destination worldwide, renowned for its quality of life and variety, and this attractiveness means that large numbers of people still want to learn to speak French.

What is the association’s role in the world of French language teaching?
We were the first group in France to have a code of ethics and a charter of quality. The emphasis on quality is a permanent concern of ours, and a guarantee for agents and students – this reassures them when they decide to work with one of our member centres. Members make a commitment to adhere to our code of conduct, and an increasing number now have the ‘Label Qualité FLE’, an internationally recognised accreditation label proposed by the French government. On a more practical note, our members took part in workshops on quality at our annual meeting in Lyon, and we will be holding our annual ‘Journées Pédagogiques’ in Paris this November with over 100 Director of Studies and teachers.

Industry issues - advisors speak out

Q. What are your views/opinions about schools setting up local/regional offices in your country?

Jake Heinrich, ILA, Vietnam
“The presence of on ground support by way of a regional office is a significant benefit to education agents in a local market. To have local staff working on location provides the agents with an immediate connection to the organisation and a convenient source of current information. The relationship between the staff of the agency and the rep office can be instrumental in maximizing sales through a mutual support network that allows the sales staff to confidently and efficiently consult customers on the products of the organisation. However, the relationship between agent and representative office is one that is built on trust and collective success, in that the agent is the customer-facing entity not the representative office. The presence of the rep office is best done as one of support and not of direct recruitment. It would be a difficult relationship to maintain well with the rep office becoming a competitor: not an ideal situation, and not a level playing field.” 

Necdet Bilgen, Biltur, Turkey
“There are a few educators that have set up local offices in Turkey. Some schools open offices to expand the market and this helps agents like us and we welcome them. Unfortunately, several education providers have tried to cut-out the agent or middleman in Turkey by recruiting students directly. They try to expand their businesses with cheap labour and low operating costs and try to avoid paying agent commissions. This is understandable, but they also ignore the fact that Turkish advisors have spent their time, money and energy to develop this market and have given excellent service across many decades. We have first-hand experience ensuring that the entire student experience is seamless. We would not work with any organisation that would come to Turkey, bypass agents like us, and then go on to try to promote their school to the local market. It only hurts local business and the quality of that business.”

Jose Ramon Camejo, education around the world, Venezuela
“In Venezuela there are two chain education providers that have established agent support offices in Caracas. This type of operation clearly has positive and negative interpretations. On the positive side, to have the advertising clout that a large education provider [can give] is a big plus. Also, in theory, a sole/small agent operation might well benefit from an agent support office. Nevertheless, and in my personal experience, these offices cannot replace that personal contact needed between an agent and an education provider.”

Simon Bown, Double Dragon, China
“In China maintaining deep relationships is critical for success and this can only really be effectively achieved by having a locally based staff member who is able to regularly speak with agents, students and parents in real time and in their native language. There are a myriad of other benefits to having a local representative – website translations, attending local exhibitions, bona fide local testing. A designated staff member will also have detailed knowledge of your school, its courses, strengths and any other issues. The truth is that there are so many schools wanting to get into the market that agents are overwhelmed with choices of which to promote and unless schools really have someone to champion their cause on a daily basis then agents will not have time to understand the school in detail.”

Q&A Advisor association

This month, Mariglan Gabarra, Executive Director of Belta, talks about the association’s focus.

Full name: Brazilian Educational Language & Travel Association (Belta)
Year established: 1992
Number of members: 73
E: Belta@Belta.org.br

What has been the main focus of Belta in the last 12 months? 
Belta continued to work with the vision to improve processes, strengthen the image of the association and its members within the Brazilian market, keep following the code of ethics, and work closely with associates to guarantee that these rules are being fulfilled. We created a new portal – Belta Online – with new features available to reach students. We established a national media campaign and conducted market research. As with previous years, Belta improved the performance of its members through fam trips, training, meetings and regional activities; maintaining and improving relationships with consulates and international organisations; seeking sponsors; and strengthening Belta products, such as our magazine, ExpoBelta and Belta Online. Belta has been working closely with the educational and tourism sector, namely Embratur and the Ministry of Tourism. The regional activity of Belta members is improving with a regional media campaign. Belta, via the Brazilian Exchange Bureau, took part in several events in 2011. The association was responsible for the Brazilian universities’ participation at Nafsa. In 2011 the Brazilian booth had 18 universities represented in 72 square metres.

Where do you stand on accreditation?
Belta promotes Felca among its members, providing information about the Felca accreditation code as well as highlighting the importance of the federation. One member made a suggestion to design a “member of Felca logo”, with Felca’s name spelt in full – “Federation of Education & Language Travel Consulting Associations” – because the public does not know what “Felca” stands for.

What challenges do member agencies face?
The market and the economy are strong, and Brazilians need to study abroad. With the market going well, the biggest challenge is to keep the high quality of the services. Students know that agencies associated with Belta are reliable because they must follow a code of ethics and the bylaws of the association.

Agency of the month

In a series appearing each month in Study Travel Magazine, we ask a different teaching institution to nominate one of their preferred agencies or agent partners, and to explain why this person/company is worthy of their nomination.

This month Inturjoven Spanish Courses in Spain nominates Study Tours in Italy. Maximo Sepulveda Ramos from the school explains this decision.

“It has been really difficult to choose only one agency among all our partners around the world. As we have to nominate only one, we would choose Study Tours in Italy. Since its foundation in 1972, it has gained broad and extensive experience, and we consider they fulfil a number of essential requirements to get excellent results in educational areas, and specifically in language courses overseas. The professionalism and experience of Study Tours has contributed in a clear and decisive way to greatly facilitate our job and to favour an extremely productive business relationship on both sides. Their high commitment to guarantee students’ welfare during their stay abroad, together with the excellence in providing high quality services, at all times adapted to the needs and requirements of the students, make Study Tours stand out from the rest.”

““We really appreciate Inturjoven’s attention to quality and detail in academic and entertainment programmes. Selecting them as a preferred partner was a far-sighted choice and we believe that our partnership will grow stronger than ever.”
Giusy Cinquanta, Study Tours, Italy

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