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Junior programmes in Australia

Language schools providing junior programmes in Australia are increasingly attracting parents and students worldwide. Cherrelle Haroo reports.

Junior English language programmes at Australian language schools are an attractive option for parents, students and agents across the world because of their offer of various exciting activities, picturesque landscapes to explore, warm weather all year-round and secure junior campus locations.

Like several of our respondents, Sheryl Jackson from Kaplan International College in Cairns, QLD, is passionate about her school location. She says, “Queensland has everything from tropical rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, the outback to indigenous cultural centres and animal parks making Cairns a safe city that offers an array of adventures.”

Nathan Evans, General Manager at Shafston International College in Brisbane, QLD, says that their focus on security, service and flexibility has led to a consistently high demand for their junior course offerings, with approximately 1,000 students signing up each year. “[Our] junior programmes are tailored to each client’s needs in the three main areas of accommodation, tuition and activities,” he says.

Ian Pratt from Global Village English Centres in Noosa and Byron Bay, QLD, agrees that offering “individual programmes such as TAP (Teen Activity Programme) surfing”, can create significant interest among students. Although, he adds, “There is no doubt that our resort locations are the biggest draw card for our students.”

Agents in partnership with Australian language schools offering junior programmes are mainly concerned with safety and equally this is a priority for schools. Michael O’Grady, Director of Byron Bay English Language School, says the small town location of Byron Bay heightens safety aspects for students. For Global Village, having two of their campuses located on beach resorts means that students have everything they need for leisure time within walking distance. “Our locations offer complete safety,” says Pratt. “Here, students are within walking or riding distance of their homestay.”

Kimberly Taylour from Navitas and Fiona Davidson from Ability Education, which are both located in Sydney, NSW, feel that reputation has been key to the evolvement of their junior programmes. Taylour says Navitas “has a reputation for excellence in teaching academic English”. She continues, “We pride ourselves in consistently offering the highest levels of customer care and service, which makes us a trusted provider of such courses.”

Davidson adds that their PSP (Primary School Preparation) English language course seems to be the only one of its kind in Sydney. “It is great for kids who are here with their parents on holiday or business,” she says, and the steady rise in demand for this specialised course proves parents’ recognition of this.

Michael Bartlett from All Saints Anglican School on the Gold Coast, QLD, observes that through agents, exhibitions and by word-of-mouth, junior programmes are most likely to attract students from East Asia. Whereas at Global Village, French, Italian and Spanish students make up “the strongest part of the juniors market”, observes Pratt. Throughout Australia, junior courses attract students from a wide range of world regions, including the Middle East, South America, Japan, Korea and China.

The majority of Australian language schools offering junior programmes designate homesickness and culture shock as a predominant problem among junior students. Jackson explains that this is to be expected as “most of the juniors are first-time travellers”.

Other unavoidable issues associated with junior provision include ensuring students’ wellbeing and safety in accommodation as well as maintaining contact with guardianship providers. However, Evans says that any problems usually get ironed out after providing programmes in this sector for a few years.

In most instances, Australia is a long distance from a students’ home country. However, Pratt says this does not necessarily deter parents from sending their child there for study purposes. He says, “Parents are now far more willing to send their children to long-haul destinations such as Australia,” adding that commitment, specialist staff and a marketing focus will help secure continued development in this sector.

  For Byron Bay English Language School, promoting junior courses via the Internet, fairs and workshops have so far proved successful while O’Grady notes there has been a slow but steady increase in course popularity. Overall, Australian language schools are positive about the development of junior provision. Evans states, “Through the difficult times of SARS and swine flu, Shafston has continued to have growth in these programmes.”

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