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NZ feedback

New Zealand continues to attract many Asian students who are undertaking language courses with a view to going on to further academic study in New Zealand.

New Zealand feedback at a glance
Total number of students: 322 (female 154, male 164, unknown 4)
Average age in years: 22.5
Average length of programme in weeks: 18
Average number of students per class: 9
Average no. of hours of language tuition per week: 22.5
Average accom. and tuition costs p/wk: NZ$460 (US$247)
% of students who found their course through an agent or educational adviser: 67%
% of students who booked through an agent:68%
% of students who had been on another language programme: 11%
% of students who would recommend their school: 74%

Respondents by world region of origin Top nationalities
Asia 88%
Western Europe 5%
South America 4%
Central & Eastern Europe 2%
Africa/Unknown 1%
1.Chinese 60%
2.Korean 13%
3.Japanese 9%
4.Thai 4%
5.Brazilian 3%
6.Swiss 2%
7.Swedish (1%)
8.Czech (1%)

In my class there are... How will you use your English in the future?
Too many students (21%)
Too many students who speak my language (37%)
Too many students from one other country (18%)
None of these (22%)
Unknown (2%)
For college study in NZ (49%)
For college study in another English-speaking country (8%)
For college study in my home country (5%)
For current or future work (33%)
For pleasure only (4%)
Unknown (1%)

How did you find your programme? How easy was it to practise English with native speakers?
I saw it advertised (5%)
I found it on the Internet (11%)
It was recommended by an agent (67%)
It was recommended by a friend/relative (16%)
Unknown (1%)
Very easy (9%)
Quite easy (32%)
Quite hard (50%)
Very hard (6%)
Unknown (3%)

Did you book your course through an agent or educational adviser? Standard of your social programme
Yes (68%)
No (24%)
Unknown (8%)
Excellent (7%)
Good (36%)
Satisfactory (35%)
Poor (10%)
Unsatisfactory (4%)
Unknown (8%)

Standard of your academic programme Standard of your accommodation
Excellent (10%)
Good (39%)
Satisfactory (39%)
Poor (2%)
Unknown (10%)
Excellent (19%)
Good (36%)
Satisfactory (34%)
Poor (1%)
Unsatisfactory (1%)
Unknown (9%)

Standard of the teaching What do you like most about New Zealand?
Excellent (36%)
Good (45%)
Satisfactory (15%)
Unsatisfactory (1%)
Unknown (3%)

Before looking for your course, did you know where you wanted to study?
Yes (78%)
No (16%)
Unknown (6%)

Yes (54%)
No (38%)
Unknown (8%)

Yes (46%)
No (45%)
Unknown (9%)

Student nationality
Students from China continued to dominate the nationality breakdown across the 15 English language teaching centres in New Zealand that took part in this issue's Feedback survey. However, Chinese students' share actually slipped from the 67 per cent recorded last year (see Language Travel Magazine, May 2002, page 14) to 60 per cent this year. Nevertheless, the league table of student nationalities remained similar to last year, indicating minimal shifts in overall enrolment patterns, although Thai students, in fourth position, were in the table for the first time. Following China's comfortable top position, Korean and Japanese students stood at numbers two and three.

Student age and motivation
The main motivating factor for learning a language was for further studies in New Zealand, and without surprise, the vast majority - 97 per cent - of students who gave this reason were Asian. This underlines the serious study intentions that many Asian students, have, particularly Chinese students. A further 33 per cent of students gave work as the reason for their language studies, which ties in with the slightly older average age recorded this year, up from 21 years in 2002 to 22.5 years in this issue's survey. The most common age of students was 23 years old.

Student enrolment
Agents grew in importance as a recruiting method, according to this year's survey, with a substantial 68 per cent of students booking through an agency. When asked why they had chosen their schools, students gave some interesting responses. As well as a school's good reputation, its comparative value for money or its location, some students mentioned that they chose their institution because it was part of a university, or because there was an easy application procedure. Others chose their school because of its small size.

Standard of the schools
As in last year's survey, satisfaction rates among students overall were not outstanding, as 22 per cent of students who answered the question said they would not recommend their school to others. The majority who held this view also said there were either too many students from their, or another, nationality in their class. Ninety-four per cent were studying at the same institution. Teachers were given the all-round thumbs up, with 81 per cent of students rating their teachers as good or excellent and 15 per cent deeming them satisfactory. Accommodation rated fairly highly, with 55 per cent of students saying it was good or excellent (nine per cent did not respond). The academic programme was rated good or excellent by 49 per cent and the social programme by 43 per cent.

Living in New Zealand
Forty-five per cent of students were staying in host family accommodation, while 35 per cent were in residential accommodation. In terms of the cost of living, 67 per cent of students found New Zealand to be more expensive than in their home country, 69 per cent of whom were from Asia. Eighty-six per cent of all Chinese students thought New Zealand was expensive.

Thank you to the following schools for participating in our survey:
Academic Colleges Group, Auckland; Aspect ILA, Christchurch; Aspiring Language Institute, Christchurch; Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre, Whitianga; Dominion English School, Auckland; English Language College, Christchurch; International English Institute, Christchurch; Lakes District Language School, Queenstown; Languages International, Auckland; Modern Age Institute of Learning, Auckland; Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin; Planet English, Hamilton; Queenstown Language School, Queenstown; Shane Global Village, Auckland; University of Waikato Language Institute, Auckland.

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