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Global comparison

In our global comparison article, we provide a breakdown of results for our Status surveys over the past year. In this article, it is possible to compare the nationality breakdown for international students across the major language teaching markets in the world for 2010.

Top five overseas nationalities per country as a % of total weeks, 2010


Korean 9%
Japanese 9%
Saudi 9%
Chinese 6%
Local 5%

Spanish 12%
Italian 11.5%
French 9%
Saudi 9%
Japanese 7%

Canada Australia

Korean 9%
Japanese 9%
Saudi 9%
Chinese 6%
Local 5%

Chinese 14%
Korean 11%
Japanese 11%
Taiwanese 6.5%
Saudi 6%

New Zealand Ireland

Korean 20%
Saudi 16%
Japanese 15%
Chinese 8%
Swiss 7.5%

Italian 27%
Spanish 24%
French 8%
Brazilian 6%
Austrian 5%

Malta South Africa

German 16%
Spanish 16%
Russian 16%
Italian 12%
French 7%

Brazilian 15%
Korean 14%
Swiss 12%
Colombian 8%
Angolan 6%

France Spain

Swiss 14%
Japanese 11%
American 9%
Korean 8%
Chinese 7%

German 24%
Scandinavian/Finnish 14%
Dutch 9%
British 7%
Italian 7%


German 20%
American 10%
Russian 8%
Austrian 7%
British 6%

Student recruitment methods by country, 2009

Agents 62%
Internet 11%
Local bookings 9%
Other 18%
Agents 48%
Internet 30%
Local bookings 11%
Other 11%

Canada Australia
Agents 48%
Internet 22%
Local bookings 14%
Other 16%
Agents 78%
Internet 12%
Local bookings 7%
Other 3%

New Zealand Ireland
Agents 80.5%
Internet 9%
Local bookings 7.5%
Other 3%
Agents 69%
Internet 16%
Local bookings 3%
Other 12%

Malta South Africa
Agents 72%
Internet 21%
Local bookings 4%
Other 3%
Agents 52%
Internet 21%
Local bookings 19.5%
Other 7.5%

France Spain
Agents 47%
Internet 34%
Local bookings 5%
Other 14%
Agents 43%
Internet 31%
Local bookings 10%
Other 16%

Agents 36%
Internet 25.5%
Local bookings 15.5%
Other 23%

Average cost of a one-month language course by country in US$*

UK US$1,237
Ireland US$1,122
USA US$1,104
France US$1,120
Spain US$928
Italy US$742
Canada US$987
Australia US$1,140
New Zealand US$1,039
Malta US$672
South Africa US$901

*all prices converted using exchange rate of 15/06/2010.

Average length of stay by country

Australia 14 weeks
Canada 6.7 weeks
USA 9.7 weeks
New Zealand 9.5 weeks
South Africa 5.1 weeks
UK  5.0 weeks

Italy 4.4 weeks
Spain 3.2 weeks
Ireland 4.3 weeks
France 4.9 weeks
Malta 2.8 weeks


The most immediately apparent trend in 2010 was a decline in the average student stay compared with 2009 data (see STM, March 2011, page 68). Possibly reflecting the global economic situation in 2010, eight of the 11 destinations we surveyed suffered a decline in the average length of stay. Australia still boasts the longest average stay, but this dropped from 17.2 weeks to 14 in 2010. However, France achieved an increase from 3.1 to 4.9 weeks and Ireland’s average also rose.

The UK continues to be the most expensive place to study, but a general downward trend in the average cost of a one-month language course was clear, with the UK dropping from US$1,619 in 2009 to US$1,237 this time. All of the North American and European destinations experienced a decrease in average prices. However, there were price increases in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa due to strong currency rates during that period.

Asia continues to be a top source of students. Korean students were among the top two nationalities in five different countries, although it was notable that the percentage declined – down to nine per cent from 19 per cent previously in Canada. Japanese and Chinese students were also prominent on many countries’ lists. In the non-English speaking destinations, Germany was the top market for Spain (24 per cent) and Italy (20 per cent) – both increases over 2009.

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