Contents - November 2006

Special Report
Working together
Significant behind-the-scenes work aimed at improving the international education industry and the regulatory environment in which it operates is the remit of many educators' associations, as well as undertaking international marketing. Jane Vernon Smith finds out some of the latest achievements of committed industry groupings.

Language Travel Magazine Star Awards 2006
They came, they saw and they conquered ? well, some did. The inaugural LTM Star Awards were attended by some 370 industry delegates in London, UK, and the 2006 winners were revealed in an atmosphere of excitement and glamour.

Costa Rica and Ecuador
Ecuador and Costa Rica are ideal language travel destinations for students wanting a truly hands-on Spanish language learning experience. Beautiful natural surroundings and opportunities to interact fully with the local people make this part of the world truly special, says Bethan Norris.


Industry evolution

Is it just me, or do things seem to be looking up for many operators in the industry? There seems to be lots of positive news in our magazine this month, such as the news that low-cost flights to Malta are on the agenda (page 8); that the outbound market in Brazil is faring well (pages 16-17); Maltese operators are reporting good gains on last year (page 25); and Argentina is taking off as a serious Spanish language teaching destination (page 49). Canadian flying schools are reporting rises in international intake (page 78) and to top it all off, there is now a new industry awards event organised by LTM (pages 28-37).

Our LTM Star Awards reflect commitment to excellence in the industry and innovation on an individual company basis. A way of measuring success and good performance on a national level could be achieved, I would argue, by assessing how closely the national school associations in any country work with the government to enhance the operating environment and harness political and financial support.

This is something we are seeing happen more and more as the global industry matures, language school associations become bolder in outlook and have greater ambitions. Amongst other achievements, Maltese school association Feltom successfully lobbied for a new special visa class for international students and Australian associations are in close dialogue with their government about amending visa rules (pages 40-44). In Australia and New Zealand, government delegates made presentations at recent industry events (pages 6-7).

To have government focusing on the education export industry is an achievement in itself, as is now happening in Argentina (page 49), but to get agreement on operational rules for the sector is a further milestone that many associations feel they have not achieved as yet. In the meantime, they continue to make their voices heard.

As industries mature, takeovers and acquisitions are also inevitable and there has been a season of takeovers, including the latest OISE purchase in Canada (page 6). This means fewer owners with greater market share; inevitable in a maturing industry. The latest takeovers have happened in countries where the first wave of entrepreneurs are retiring, but new opportunities exist in all fields for innovative operators, as new specialisms, such as work&travel, take off. From February, we publish a new magazine section, Work Wise, bi-monthly to provide regular updates on this emerging market sector.

Industry evolution

OISE's second buyout in Canada
NZ Minister gives industry new agenda
Acpet's conference has government focus
Fiyto and ISTC form united group
New Zealand pushes language learning
Canada in bid to attract French speakers

Travel News
First low-cost flights to Malta
Baggage restrictions eased in the UK
Air Berlin - Lidl partnership

Agency News
IEnglish UK leaves Brighton
Alphe UK busier than ever

Agency Survey
Brazil forges ahead
The favourable business conditions experienced in Brazil over the last few years mean that agencies are reporting strong growth in business and are confident about the future. Word-of-mouth recommendation remains the most important means of attracting business.

Ireland welcomed a good mix of nationalities to its English language schools this year, while personal recommendation, either by a friend or agent, remained the preferred way for students to find their school.

Course Guide
Portuguese courses
Both Portugal and Brazil have a well-developed Portuguese language teaching industry and students wanting to learn this language have a variety of option to choose from.

Juniors in France
Language schools in France keep junior clients occupied and happy to ensure that learning takes place naturally. We find out more about the types of courses available and profile a range of programmes on offer in this sector.

Regional Focus
New York State
New York State and its famous namesake city have much to offer international students, from great scenery and activities to plenty of education institutions, not to mention the urban appeal of big city life. Gillian Evans reports.

Italy 2005
The Status survey is a venture by Language Travel Magazine, which gathers specific market data about all of the main language teaching markets in the world. For the first time, it is possible to compare world market statistics.