Contents - November 2007

Special Report
The global market
The majority of English language destinations reported growth in the market in 2006, according to our annual survey of the global English language travel industry. Bethan Norris details some of the changes that have occurred since our last report.

Direction 1
What next for language travel?
Language travel is on the increase in many student source countries worldwide, while destination choice and the variety of products available is growing. Jan Capper takes a look at the industry as a whole and gauges recent trends.

New Zealand’s friendly welcome
Beautiful scenery, top-class sporting activities and friendly locals characterise New Zealand, and language travellers have a wealth of opportunities available for getting to know the country. Jane Vernon Smith reports.


Mutual support

Back in the office after attending a double workshop in September this year, and one of the things that strikes me is how there are always schools present who are new to the concept of agent workshops. At StudyWorld, which was held in London this year, I talked to a representative of a language school in Italy who had never been to any workshops before and she told me how surprised and excited she was by experiencing such an event for the first time.

Similarly, at Hothouse Media’s own Alphe UK, Fiji was represented for the first time as a destination country by FreeBird Institute, who didn’t have a minute to spare throughout the two days. The enthusiasm and passion shown by such newcomers to the workshop circuit is inspiring and helps contribute to the feeling that the industry is continually growing and changing and has a lot more to offer students and those who work within it.

Our LTM Star Awards, held for the second time this year, aims to capture some of this passion and zeal in its recognition of good practice and professionalism. The event was certainly a highlight for many people within the industry and photos of the award winners can be found in our Direction feature this month (pages 24-30). One of the most exciting categories was the LTM Star Innovation award, which was voted for by agents. The fact that this award was won by a work experience programme confirms the popularity of this new direction in the industry.

The continuing evolution and current health of the English language travel industry can be seen in our Special Report, which compares the leading English language destinations. According to our calculations, the industry was worth an impressive US$8,974,161,379 in 2006 and this figure is likely to increase in the future as heads of many of the industry associations predict future growth in their markets (pages 34-38).

Canada is one country that has seen its fortunes revived in recent years, in both the language and mainstream education sectors. Troubles associated with Sars and 9/11 have been firmly put in the past as universities and language schools report impressive growth in enrolments (pages 43 and 67). Changes to work rights have also played a role in making the country an attractive destination for international students.

With such positive industry reports, it is to be hoped that more schools discover the business benefits associated with agent conferences!

Mutual support

Icef Online deemed a success
EC acquires first US language school
Korea develops English test
Eaquals admits first Russian school
New student visitor visa in the UK
German agency launches new registration scheme for schools

Travel News
China to restrict airline growth
LAX airport expansion
The end of the paper ticket

Agency News
Record numbers at Alphe UK and StudyWorld

Agency Survey
Thailand plays safe
Further education remains the primary focus for Thai students in this month’s agency survey on Thailand, but the country’s economy is still giving cause for concern.

Bigger class sizes were commonplace at German language schools this year yet satisfaction rates remained high. Meanwhile, the number of students relying on agents to help find a suitable school has increased.

Market Report
Canada's rise
Canada’s language travel industry has experienced mixed fortunes of late, although concerted marketing efforts mean that the future looks bright. Jane Vernon Smith reports.

Course Guide
Junior summer courses in the UK

Many language schools and independent high schools throw open their doors to international students in the summer and offer a range of activities to appeal to the younger student. Here, they can combine language learning with an array of different activities including intensive sports coaching, as well as day trips and excursions to places of interest. With most schools offering accommodation on site or homestay, students are well catered for while away from home.

Volunteering in Latin America
Motivated by a desire to go beyond tourism and make a difference to their host country, language travel students are increasingly choosing to combine their language course in Latin America with a volunteer placement.

The Status survey is a venture by Language Travel Magazine that aims to gather specific market data about all of the main language teaching markets in the world. Through our initiative, it is now possible to compare world market statistics.