Contents - November 2008

Special Report
The bigger picture

In a multi-million dollar industry such as English language training, it is useful to know how each school and each country fits into the bigger picture. Amy Baker reports on market share in the global English language teaching industries in native English speaking countries.

Language Travel Magazine Star Awards 2008
The LTM Star Awards have become something of a beacon in the language and education travel industry calendar and this year saw nearly 600 agents and schools dressed in their finery attending the ceremony in the heart of the city of London. Bethan Norris reports on the evening’s events.

South African adventure
Fantastic wildlife, awesome scenery and welcoming people make a South African language travel experience an adventure of a lifetime. Gillian Evans finds out more.


Leading the way

Once upon a time, the Internet was spoken about by people who were technologically aware, and was a fuzzy concept for the rest of us. I remember my German house mate who I lived with in France enthusiastically telling me all about this amazing new concept of the Internet. I wasn’t sure if it was my nascent French skills or my limited understanding that meant I didn’t really get what he was talking about.

But as is always the case, the pioneers set trends and the rest of us follow. Now, we’d all be lost without the Internet and can’t imagine life without it. Likewise, in the future, I can imagine everyone will offer online booking facilities and multilingual websites but, right now, it is the more progressive companies that have adopted such positions.

“It’s the only way to go” says one UK agency about online booking function, whereas many other companies point out that this is something they are still working on (pages 62-64). I mention multilingual websites too, because I had an interesting chat with Rene de Jong of Internet Advantage at a recent industry workshop. His company focuses on improving search engine rankings and enhancing website efficiency as a marketing tool. He told me that at a seminar he gave at StudyWorld this year, he asked participants (language schools) to raise their hands if their website was translated into any other language. I was really surprised to hear that 90 per cent of those schools attending the seminar only had a native language version of their website. I am sure that in the future, as technology progresses and filters down to the mainstream, multilingual websites will also become de rigeur.

In the USA, key people within associations are really leading the way in terms of trying to change the operating environment for language schools in the country. A new short-term visa category is being proposed that would surely give US educators a major advantage in terms of attracting students looking for an easy immigration procedure. Some schools in the country may be unaware of the pioneering efforts to effect change, but they may soon be happily aware of them (page 33).

In terms of leading the quality march, our LTM Star Awards winners are all good examples of excellence and the winners of this year’s awards include Embassy CES, which was honoured for its new teaching technology and modern study centre in Brighton, UK (pages 50-58). All around, there are great examples of this industry’s continual improvement.

Leading the way

Alphe UK and StudyWorld are a hit with attendees
Australia changes visa requirements
Student spend up in New Zealand
Kaplan Aspect opens new school
Students face fee hike in Ireland
IHWO celebrates 55 years of teaching

Agency News
Education agency opens in Dublin
Agent training in Australia a big success
Polish agency opens new office in Sydney

Agency Survey
Japan meandering
Business prognosis in Japan seems to depend on the agency, with some reporting more positive results than others. A slight decline in university-bound students is one trend to be apparent this year, as is a growth in demand for French language programmes.

Agent usage among Ireland-bound students was much higher this year with students less reliant on the Internet. Meanwhile, Western European students continue to dominate the nationality mix.

Executive in Australia
With a business skills shortage in Australia, executive English training courses for overseas professionals are expected to be a growth area. We find out how the sector is developing and provide a listing to various courses available.

Course Guide
Active German
Programmes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that team language tuition and sporting pursuits are not in short supply. We provide a listing for a range of programmes in these countries offering German with sports from archery to wake-boarding.

Market Report
Focus on change in USA
Educators in the USA point to a good mix of nationalities and good growth, in part due to scholarship schemes in the Middle East. Meanwhile, educators’ associations are campaigning hard for regulatory change. Amy Baker reports.

Spain 2007
The Status survey is a venture by Language Travel Magazine that aims to gather specific market data about all of the main language teaching markets in the world. Through our initiative, it is now possible to compare world market statistics.