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Italy steady

Despite a sluggish economy and the threat of Italy being embroiled in the eurozone debt crisis, the study abroad market notched up some growth in 2011.

Key points
• The total number of students placed by the 11 agencies in our survey was 3,121

• Individual agencies placed between one and 1,000 students on courses each year

• Average business growth was 8.4 per cent

• The average length of stay for Italian students was four weeks

• Overall, 58 per cent of Italian students stayed in residential accommodation when overseas

28 per cent of Italian students were motivated to study abroad for future work purposes

45 per cent of the agencies in our survey charged a handling fee of between e50 (US$69) and e150 (US$205)

Top destinations Most popular courses
1. UK 66%
2. France 13%
3. Ireland 9%
4. USA 6%
5. Malta 2%
6. Germany 1.5%
7. Australia 1%
7. Canada 1%
Others 0.5%
1. General 36%
2. Junior 28%
3. Intensive 15%
4. Summer 13%
5. Business 3%
6. Academic prep 2%
7. Language plus work%
Other 1%

Reasons for study travel Average percentage agency business
1. Future work 28%
2. Studies at home 25%
3. Overseas studies 19%
4. Pleasure 14%
5. Current work 11%
No reply 3%
1. Language programmes 88%
2. Work & travel 5.5%
3. Internships 4%
4. Higher education 2%
5. High school 0.5%

How do advisors recruit students?
How do advisors find new business partners?
1. Word-of-mouth 44%
2. Website 25%
3. E/Online marketing 12%
4. Seminars 4%
5. Mail shots 6%
6. Advertising in press 2%
Other 10%
1. Workshops 45%
1. Internet 22%
3. STM 6%
4. Language fairs & expos 6%
Other 21%

Percentage of advisors who recognised each of the following organisations
Acpet 36%
English Australia 82%
NEAS 27%

Languages Canada 64%

Souffle 64%
Groupement FLE 0%
L'Office 18%
Unosel 18%

MEI 73%

Asils 73%
Italian in Italy 55%

Feltom 55%

New Zealand
English NZ 46%
Aeple 0%

South Africa
EduSa 18%

Fedele 64%

ABLS 64%
English UK 91%
British Council 100%

Accet 55%
CEA 18%

Eaquals 55%
Ialc 91%
IHWO 100%
Quality English 91%
Tandem 64%

Market growth
Although growth in the Italian study abroad market slowed in 2011 owing to the uncertain economic climate, 72 per cent of advisors that took part in this issue’s survey reported a hike in student enrolments of between five and 40 per cent. Only two advisors experienced a decrease of up to 25 per cent, while one reported numbers had remained the same. Overall, average growth in student numbers was 8.4 per cent, quite an achievement given the economic situation, although this year’s growth rate pales in comparison to last year’s 17 per cent rise in numbers (see LTM, December 2010, pages 28-29).

Language and destination trends
English courses accounted for just over 82 per cent of the bookings taken by Italian advisors, while French was the second most popular language requested, accounting for almost 13 per cent of bookings, compared with only two per cent last year. This, however, is owing to the fact that two large advisory centres that took part in our survey this year both sent up to a quarter of their clients on French language courses. Italian language travellers tended to favour European destinations, with just over 66 per cent of bookings accounted for by the UK, 13 per cent for France and nine per cent for Ireland. Long-haul destinations were less popular with just over six per cent of students choosing to study in the USA and one per cent each studying in Australia and Canada.

Student and course trends
The main motivating factor for taking a study abroad programme for Italian clients was for their future work, with around 28 per cent booking a programme for this reason. This was down on the 37 per cent recorded previously. This year, significantly more – 19 per cent compared with seven per cent last year – were taking a course for their studies overseas. Learning a language for their studies at home was the reason why a quarter of students booked a study abroad programme this year, while learning a language for pleasure was more popular this year than last, up five percentage points to 14 per cent. Looking at course trends, while general courses remained the number one choice, their share slipped from 47.5 per cent to 36 per cent this year. Junior programmes accounted for a larger proportion of bookings (28 per cent), while there were fewer bookings for language plus work programmes (two per cent compared with nine per cent).

Advisor business
Language course bookings made up the lion’s share of advisor business this year (88 per cent), with work and travel being the second most important sector with 5.5 per cent. Although a higher proportion of students were motivated to learn a language for their studies overseas, only two per cent of business was for higher education. In terms of client recruitment tools, personal endorsement accounted for 44 per cent, with advisor websites generating another 25 per cent of client enrolments.

Looking ahead
Looking to the year ahead Italian advisors are relatively optimistic. One agency that experienced a downturn in bookings this year believed business would turnaround in the coming year. Another indicated that they hoped to increase student numbers by 30 per cent by boosting bookings for Spain, Germany, Malta and France and maintaining the current levels in the UK and Ireland.

Economic overview

• Italy is the world’s eighth largest economy with a public debt of around e1.8 trillion (US$2.4 trillion), equivalent to around 120 per cent of its national output.

• Italy’s economy increased by 1.3 per cent in 2010, less than the euro area average. Domestic demand was weak, and unemployment rose, although it is still below the euro area average.

• In the first quarter of 2011, Italy’s economy grew again, albeit by just 0.1 per cent. Further growth is forecast to remain slow. Some sources believe that the eurozone’s third-largest economy risks being caught up in the debt crisis.

Sources: bbc.com; Istat

Italian advisory study centres named a range of language programmes they work with, including, in Australia: Einstein College, Melbourne, VIC. In Canada: LSC, various. In France: Lyon Bleu, Lyon. In Germany: Horizonte, Regensburg. In Ireland: Bray Language Centre, Bray; GCI, Galway; Killarney School of English, Killarney; Pace Language Institute, Bray. In Malta: Clubclass Residential Language School, Swieqi. In Spain: Malaca Instituto, Malaga. In the UK: Absolute English, Warwick; Cambridge Academy of English, Cambridge; Country Cousins, Ilfracombe; Embassy CES, Cambridge; ELC, Bristol; Exsportise, various; Klub Group, Stowmarket; Skola Group, various; Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth; Stafford House, Canterbury; The English Studio, London; Twin Centres, Eastbourne. In the USA: University of California, Irvine, California, CA. International: EC Language Centres; Global Village; International House; Language Studies International.

Thank you to the following advisory study centres for taking part in this survey: Across the World; ALCE Study Abroad; Babel Language Projects; Coming; Godspeed; I Viaggi del Professore; Il Centro; Indirizzo Inghilterra; International Education Consultants (IEdC); International House Milano; Language Data Bank.

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