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Brazil's strength

The Brazilian language travel market soared in 2004, building on the promising growth experienced during the previous year.

Key points
The total number of students placed by the 25 agencies in our survey was 5,037

Average business growth was 54 per cent

The average length of stay for Brazilian students was 9.1 weeks

Business language programmes rose in popularity with 10.5 per cent of students opting for such a course

Seventy-six per cent of clients requested host family accommodation

Twenty-four per cent of agencies charged a handling fee, down from 30 per cent last year

Canada remained the most popular destination, gaining ground on its competitors

The UK was noted as an expensive destination and in danger of losing market share

Top destinations Most popular courses
Canada 32%
UK 21%
Australia 17.5%
USA 13.5%
New Zealand 6.5%
Spain 4%
Germany 2%
France 1%
Italy 1%
General 33.5%
Intensive (+25hrs) 26.5%
Summer vacation 10.5%
Lang + work 10%
Business 9.5%
Work exp. 6%
Junior 4%
Exam prep 4%
Others 2%

Reasons for language travel Top languages
Current work 46%
Studies overseas 31%
Studies at home 53%
Other 12%
Pleasure 10%
Studies at home 2%
English 85.5%
Spanish 7%
French 2.5%
Italian 2%
German 2%
Other 1%

How do agencies recruit students?

How do agencies find new schools to represent?
Word of mouth 55%
Other 11.5%
Mail shots 9%
Advertising in press 8%
Website 8%
Seminars to students 6%
TV/Radio 2.5%
Workshops 31%
Fairs/expos 25%
Other 16%
LTM/ETM 15.5%
Internet 11%
Other press 1.5%

Percentage of agents who recognised each of the following organisations
Acpet 54%
English Australia 63%

Capls 63%
CLC 54%

Souffle 21%
L'Office 17%
Unosel 13%
FLE 8%

MEI~Relsa 46%
IEAI 17%

Asils 33%
Italian in Italy 25%

Feltom 46%

New Zealand
Appel 25%
Crels NZ 13%
Education NZ 50%
English NZ 58%

Aeple 8%

Fedele 58%

ABLS 29%
English UK 71%
British Council 96%

Eaquals 29%

Accet 79%
CEA 17%

Ialc 50%

Market growth
There was a lot of optimism across the 25 agencies that took part in this issue';s Agency Survey. Only one agency reported a decrease in business in 2004, while all other agencies said they had experienced growth last year, citing a favourable exchange rate as the most important factor propelling business. Across all agencies, the average growth rate reached 54 per cent, boosted considerably by the five agencies that reported growths of over 100 per cent, underlining the fact that the Brazilian market is back on form after some slow years (see Language Travel Magazine, June 2004, page 14-15).

Language and destination trends
Canada remains the most popular destination and has, in fact, gained market share since 2003, accounting for 32 per cent of bookings in 2004 – almost one-third. The USA managed to improve on its performance in 2003, accounting for 13.5 per cent of the vote in 2004 rather than eight per cent. New Zealand, which had been in joint fourth position with the USA in 2003, was nudged into fifth place, with a market share of 6.5 per cent. Ireland was notably absent in the list of top destinations this year.

Student and course trends
The reasons given by agents for their clients wanting to study overseas has changed dramatically since last year. Current work is now the greatest motivation for travelling overseas, and some agents also cited "future work" as a reason (in the "other" category). In our last survey, almost half of students were studying for their continued studies overseas. This year, agents reported that this was the reason given by just 31 per cent of students. Meanwhile, learning a language overseas for pleasure only accounted for 10 per cent of students'; study motivation, which indicates that there is a significant portion of the Brazilian market that has the financial means to pursue overseas studies for vacation purposes only.

Agency business
Word-of-mouth recommendation remains the most common way of recruiting, accounting for over half (55 per cent) of new clients, according to the agencies surveyed. Mailshots were the second-most successful method, with an agency';s website actually slipping from its number-two position last year to being only the third-best marketing tactic this year. When finding new schools to work with, workshops were the most productive channel, followed by fairs or exhibitions and then Language Travel Magazine or Education Travel Magazine. On average, agents represented 63 different institutions in 16 countries.

Looking ahead
The future definitely bodes well for study abroad agencies, most companies agree. But one agency forecast that the more buoyant marketplace will also cause a growth in the number of agencies. Most agencies pointed to the stabilisation of the real as a definite factor boosting demand, while a few also underlined that their new products or marketing plans would also help sales.

Economic overview

The economic outlook at the end of July this year was one of deceleration but not stagnation, as indicators suggested that Brazil';s economy was slowing. Reductions of 5.9% in job creation and 5.1 points in the index of

business confidence were registered.

Brazil';s Labour Minister, Luiz Marinho, stated that interest rates have stopped rising, which will allow for the recovery of the exchange rate, also affected by a drop in the US dollar.

Marinho said the government aimed to create 100,000 jobs per month to the end of 2006, although job creation was slowing down in mid-2005. "Growth has been weaker but it hasn';t stopped," he said.

Sources: Prensa Latina, AE Brazil

Brazilian agents named a range of language programmes they work with, including, in Australia: Aspect, various; Australian College of English, various; Geos, various; Holmes Colleges, various; IH Sydney, Sydney. NSW; Phoenix English Language Academy, Perth, WA; PICE, Perth, WA; Shafston International College, Brisbane, QLD; University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW. In Canada: British Columbia College, Vancouver, BC; Canadian College of English, Vancouver, BC; Centre Linguista, various; Cornerstone Academy of English, Toronto, ONT; English School of Canada, Toronto, ONT; Global Village, Toronto, ONT; Hawthorn, Vancouver, BC; ILAC, various; ILSC, various; JLS College, Vancouver, BC; King George International College, various; Pacific Gateway International College, Toronto, ONT; Pacific Language Institute, various; Tamwood International College, Vancouver, BC; Vancouver English Centre, Vancouver, BC; Western Town College, various. In France: Ecole les Roches, Paris. In Germany: Carl Duisberg Centren, various. In Ireland: English in Dublin, Dublin; ISI, Dublin. In Italy: Linguaviva, Florence. In New Zealand: Auckland Language Centre, Auckland; Dominion School, Christchurch; Unique NZ Education, Auckland; Worldwide School of English, Auckland. In Spain: Enforex, various; IH Clic, Seville. In South Africa: Good Hope Studies, Cape Town. In Switzerland: IH Montreux, Montreux. In the UK: Beet Language Centre, Bournemouth; Bell International, Cambridge; Bloomsbury International, London; ELC Bristol, Bristol; IH, London; Hampstead School of English, London; Harrow House International College, Swanage; Oxford House College, London; Malvern House, London; Milner School of English, London; Sprachcaffé, London. In the USA: Cetusa, various; Intrax, San Francisco, CA; New England School of English, Boston, MA; Rennert Bilingual, New York, NY; University of California Riverside Extension, Riverside, CA. Worldwide: ELS Language Centers; Embassy CES; Kaplan.

Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in our survey: AF Intercambio; Atrium Turismo; Azics Intercambio Cultural; BEI; BICS; Britannia International English; Canada-Brasil/Mundo Brasil; Embarque Educacional; Exel Cursos e Turismo; Expand Cursos no Exterior; Helena Mirabile Intercambios & Cursos no Exterior; IE Intercambio; IEP Brazil; Integrity Viagens e Turismo; Kangaroo Tours; Learn Abroad; MA Intercambio & Turismo; N&M Exchange Programs and Lang. Courses Abroad; Principal Estudo e Turismo no Exterior; SIC Turismo & Cursos no Exterior; Studium Linguae; Upward Study Abroad & Travel; Via Mundo Intercambio & Turismo; WES Brasil; World Study Network.

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