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Spain 2004

The Status survey is a venture by Language Travel Magazine, which gathers specific market data about all of the main language teaching markets in the world. For the first time, it is possible to compare world market statistics. 

If you would like to see the complete breakdown of data, including marketing spend per region and marketing budget analysis, and you are an agent (or a school that has completed or intends to complete the Status survey), please send us an email containing 'Status survey web address' in the subject heading. We will then forward the web address to you.

Key points
No. of participating organisations in the Spain survey: 17

Total no. of students at the organisations in 2004: 29,509

Total no. of student weeks in 2004, estimated: 7

Overall average length of stay in weeks: 206,563

Average cost of a one-month course, excluding accommodation: e543 (US$668)

Average cost of residential accommodation per week: e96.5 (US$118)

Average cost of host family accommodation per week: e150 (US$184)

Average commission paid on a language course: 20 per cent (from 10 to 30)

Two institution paid commission on accommodation (of 5 to 15 per cent)

*For currency conversion rate, see page 7.

Means of recruiting students in Spain, 2004 Intensity of study (hours studied per week)
Agents 34%
Other means 31%
Internet 20%
Local bookings 15%
From 7 to 75
Overall average = 18

Top student nationalities in Spain by student weeks, 2004
Scandinavian/Finnish 22.3%
US 19%
German 15.7%
British 10.2%
Dutch 3.8%
Swiss 3.7%
Japanese 2.2%
French 2.2%
Italian 2.1%
Irish 2%

Student numbers by age range
8-11, 0.5%
12-15, 2%
16-18, 34%
19-24, 29%
25-30, 11%
31-50, 18%
51+, 5.5%

The same number of schools took part in our survey this year, but the overall number of students was higher and the average stay per student was also longer, meaning the student weeks figure was healthier than the result last year.

The top three nationalities were the same but in a different order, with Scandinavian and Finnish students up from third to pole position, switching places with Germans.

Chinese students were notably absent from the top 10 this year.

Agents remain the most important recruitment method overall, with just over one-third of students, 34%, recruited by agents, the same figure as in our last survey.

The proportion of students aged from 19-to-24 years old halved from 58% last year to just 29% this year, while more students were in the 16-to-18 year old category.

Thank you to the following institutions for taking part in our Status survey:
Best, Madrid; Babel Idiomas, Malaga; Bonanova, Escuela Internacional de Idiomas, Fuengirola; La Casa del Espanol, Valladolid; Don Quijote, various; Escub, Santander; European University, Barcelona; Idiomas Si, Malaga; Instituto de Idiomas Geos, Marbella/Granada; Instituto Hispanico de Murcia, Murcia; K2 Internacional, Cadiz; Liceo Internacional Agarimo, Betanzos; Malaca Instituto - Club Hispanico, Malaga; Pablo de Olavide University, Seville; PIEE University of Malaga in Ronda, Ronda; UAB Idiomas, Barcelona; Universpain, Salamanca
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