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Brazilian giant

Business increased for most Brazilian agency participants this year. Students indicated strong academic reasons for their study abroad experience, yet general language programmes remained the most popular.

Key points
The total number of students placed by the 43 agencies in our survey was 29,564

Individual agencies placed between eight and 9,500 students on courses per year

The average length of stay for Brazilian students was 11 weeks

Overall, 72 per cent of Brazilian students preferred host family accommodation when studying overseas

The largest percentage of Brazilian students (33 per cent) were studying overseas for future work purposes

Language learning is the largest sector of the study abroad market for Brazilian agencies

Top destinations Most popular courses
1. Canada 27%
2. USA 20%
3. UK 16%
4. Australia 11%
5. Ireland 8%
6. South Africa 4%
6. New Zealand 4%

7. Spain 3%
8. France 2%
Other 5%
1. General 44%
2. Language plus work exp 14%
3. Intensive 13%
4. Junior 8%
5. Summer vacation 5%
5. Business 5%
5. Academic/exam prep 5%
6. Under/postgraduate 3%

7. University foundation 0.5%
Other 2.5%

Reasons for studying overseas Average percentage agency business
1. Future work 33%
2. Further studies overseas 25%

3. Current work 20%
4. Pleasure 13%
5. Further studies at home 8%
Other 1%
1. Language programmes 63%
2. Work & travel 15%

3. Secondary education abroad 13%
4. Higher education 4%
5. Internships 3.5%
6. Volunteering 1.5%

How do agents recruit students?
How do agents find new schools to represent?
1. Word-of-mouth 43%
2. Website 17%
3. E/online marketing 15%
4. Seminars to students 8%

5. Mail shots 4%
6. Advertising in press 4%
Other 9%
1. B2B conferences
2. Language fairs and student expos 29%
3. Internet 19%

4. STM 8%
5. Other press 1%
Other 8%

Percentage of agents who recognised each of the following organisations
Acpet 25%
English Australia 67%
NEAS 17%

Languages Canada 78%

Groupement FLE 11%
Souffle 17%
L’Office 8%
Unosel 0%

MEI 42%

Asils 3%
Italian in Italy 8%

Feltom 36%

New Zealand
Eng NZ 64%

Aeple 8%

South Africa
EduSa 19%

Fedele 36%

Abls 17%
British Council 97%
English UK 92%

Accet 36%
CEA 17%

Eaquals 36%
Ialc 67%
International House
World Organisation 69%
Quality English 64%
Tandem 17%

Market growth
Business was on the up during the last 12 months for 38 of the 43 Brazilian agent participants in this month’s survey, with growth ranging from six to 150 per cent. Student numbers were down for two agency participants and remained stagnant for a further three, but, overall, the average growth rate was a very positive 30 per cent. This matches last year’s growth rate of 29 per cent (see STM, October 2011, pages 26-27) and points to a very healthy outgoing study abroad industry in Brazil.

Language and destination trends
Canada and the USA were the top destinations for Brazilian students looking to study abroad, although other English-speaking destinations such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland were also popular. Ireland, in particular, gained ground as a destination for Brazilians, increasing its market share from 0.5 to eight per cent. Of the non-English speaking destinations, Spain and France came out on top, attracting three and two per cent of the market share respectively. And of the non-English languages requested by Brazilian students, French came out on top, attracting three per cent of the market.

Student and course trends
A greater proportion of students (25 per cent) indicated that they were studying overseas in order to go on to further studies in another country, compared with last year’s survey (18 per cent). However, general language programmes were still the most requested course type, with academic and exam preparation courses being requested by just five per cent of students. It seems that Brazilian students are reluctant to specialise in academic programmes too early, and instead favour general language courses that deliver a broad-based education. The popularity of language plus work experience programmes also decreased (14 per cent compared with 23 per cent previously), perhaps illustrating that students are more inclined to study overseas for academic reasons overall.

Agency business
The majority of agency business (63 per cent) was spent advising students about studying at a language school overseas. This figure was up slightly on last year’s 51 per cent, and this increase comes at the expense of the number of students requesting work and travel programmes, which decreased from 27 per cent to 15 per cent in this year’s survey. The number of students requesting high school programmes abroad also increased, accounting for 13 per cent of all agency business, compared with 0.5 per cent previously. This perhaps suggests the industry in Brazil is maturing as the demand for study abroad spreads into new sectors and to a lower student age group. Word-of-mouth was still the most significant way for students to find an agency, being used by 43 per cent of students, down three percentage points on last year’s figure.

Looking ahead
Agencies were upbeat about the future, with many predicting that growth would continue. Some, however, acknowledged that the current boom in the outbound market meant that more new agencies were opening their doors and they would face greater competition as a consequence. Some agencies are already preparing to cope with increased competition by upping their use of social media and opening new offices in different cities. One agency also pointed to the high value of the dollar potentially affecting growth, but overall the mood was positive with most agencies painting a bright future for the coming 12 months.

Economic overview

• After strong growth in 2007 and 2008, the onset of the global financial crisis hit Brazil in 2008. However, Brazil was one of the first emerging markets to begin recovery, and in 2010, GDP growth reached 7.5 per cent. In 2011, the country overtook the UK as the world’s seventh largest economy in terms of GDP, and predictions for the country are positive for 2012.

• Economic growth slowed to 2.7 per cent for 2011 but forecasts for 2012 growth are higher.

• Urban unemployment was at an historic low of 4.7 per cent as of December 2011 and Brazil’s traditionally high level of income equality has declined for each of the last 12 years.

Brazilian agents named a range of programmes they work with, including, in Australia: Access Language, Sydney, NSW; AIPE, Sydney, NSW; Browns English Language School, various; Curtin University, Perth, WA; Lexis English, Noosa, QLD; Navitas, various; Shafston International College, Brisbane, QLD. In Canada: Bodwell High School, Vancouver, BC; CSLI, Vancouver, BC; CET, Vancouver, BC; Cornerstone Academic College, Toronto, ON; ELC, Boston, MA; English School of Canada, Toronto, ON; Canadian College, Vancouver, BC; Global Village, various; Hansa, Toronto, ON; inlingua, Vancouver, BC; International Language Academy of Canada, various; ITTTI, Vancouver, BC; King George International College, various; Nova Scotia International Student Program, various,NS; Western Town College, Vancouver, BC; Quest Studies International, Toronto, ON; Seneca College, Toronto, ON; Tamwood International College, various; Vancouver English Center, Vancouver, BC; YMCA, Montreal, QC. In Germany: BWS Germanlingua, Munich. In Ireland: Emerald Cultural Institute, Dublin; English in Dublin, Dublin; English Language Academy, Dublin; Horner School, Dublin; ISI, Dublin; International House, Dublin; Seda, Dublin. In Malta: Clubclass, Swieqi; EIE Institute of Education, San Gwann. In New Zealand: Crown College, Auckland; New Zealand Institute of Education, Auckland. In South Africa: Cape Studies, Cape Town; Good Hope Studies, Cape Town; IH Cape Town, Cape Town; LAL, Cape Town. In Spain: Don Quijote, various; Enforex, various. In Switzerland: Tasis, Lugano. In the UK: Anglo Continental, Bournemouth; BBSI, Bournemouth; Bell, various; Bloomsbury School of English, London; British Study Centre, various; Celtic School, Cardiff; Concorde International, Canterbury; ELC, Bristol; ELC Hampstead, London; English in Canterbury, Canterbury; Frances King School of English, London; ILS English, Nottingham; Kings School of English, various; London School of English, London; London School of Commerce, London; Malvern House, London; Milner School of English, London; Riversdown House, London; Rose of York Language School, London; Wimbledon School of English, London. In the USA: CIEE, various; FLS International, various; New England School of English, Boston, MA; Rennert, various; Southern States University, San Diego, CA. Worldwide: EC, Embassy CES, ELS, Eurocentres, Kaplan International Colleges, International House, Internexus, LAL, Language Studies International, St Giles.

Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in this survey: Atlante Intercambio, Australian Centre Viagens e Tursimo, Azics Intercâmbio Cultural, Best Way Intercambios, BEX, Campus Brazil, Canada Destino, Casil Work Study, Central do Estudante, EDUcation Abroad - Intercâmbio Cultural Brasil, English for Business, Esquema Internacional, Estudar no Exterior Intercambio, Fast English Cursos de Idiomas, Forma Family Turismo, Friends In The World, Globecenter Ag De Viagens, Good to Great Intercambio, Greenwich Tours, GX High Education (GX Intercâmbio), High Connections Intercambio, IE – Intercâmbio, IEP Brazil, Information Planet, Intercambio Vision, Intercultural Cursos no Exterior, Kirra Intercambios, Lex Turismo e Intercambio, Lingua Services, MA Intercambio & Turismo, N&M Intercambios, NR Intercambio, Pier, Ready for You - Educational Organisation, S7 Study, SD Student Travel, UKstudy, UP Intercâmbio, Upgrade Intercambio Cultural, Upward Study Abroad & Travel, Via Mundo Intercâmbio, World Study, Yázigi Travel.

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