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On the move

Robert Carolin (top) has accepted the position of Executive Director of Global Education at California State University San Marcos (CSU) in the USA. Mr Carolin has worked previously as San Diego Regional Director at the University of Redlands, and Assistant Director of the International Student Center at San Diego State University. Mr Carolin will join Katherine Dupre (bottom) who has been Associate Director of ACLI at CSU San Marcos for just over a year.

Kseniya Yasinska has joined Unosel in France as the new Déléguée Générale. She has been teaching French as a foreign language at the Ukrainian French Institute and at the Linguistic University. “I am truly happy to join Unosel, which is constantly aiming at improving the branding for the customers,” she said.

Akiko Okamoto Ferris has taken on the role of Marketing Manager at the London School of English in the UK. She moves from the Anglo-Continental School of English in Bournemouth where she was Business Development Coordinator. At the London School of English she will be combining her people and design skills to expand the school’s online presence and social-networking communication.

Dara Colwell is the new Communications Officer at Wyse Travel Confederation in the Netherlands. In her new role at WyseTC, she is responsible for press relations and producing content for the confederation and its website and hopes to make people aware of the power of youth travel. “It’s an incredible human phenomenon – not only does it broaden someone’s personal horizons, but it helps better understanding on an international level. That’s a huge motivation!” she said.

Simon Gooch has joined ELS Educational Services where he will be responsible for the marketing of ELS’s centres based in Europe. ELS will be opening its first centre in February 2013 on the campus of SKEMA, a leading European business school based in the south of France. Mr Gooch has extensive international sales experience in the industry and is looking forward to the new challenge.

Ciara Crossen moves into the role of Marketing Coordinator in the Dublin School of English & Westmoreland College in Ireland. She moves here after several years’ experience in the operations department in the school. “I am really looking forward to working with new and existing clients,” she said.

Q&A Educator association

Shaun Fitzhenry, new Chair of Education South Africa, talks about the year’s developments and the organisation’s ongoing dialogue with government.

Full name: Education South Africa
Year established: 2002
Number of members: 19
Type of members: 12 full members, 7 associate members
Association’s main role: To develop the growth of the English language travel industry and ensure that its members meet or exceed minimum standards
Government recognition: No – we are all working hard to achieve some form of recognition
Code of practice: yes
Complaints procedure: yes
Agent workshops/fam trips: no
Contact details:
T: +27 214190494
F: +27 214190725
W: www.edusouthafrica.com

What has your association been up to?
Earlier this year we ran a highly successful teachers’ workshop for member schools’ teachers. The association is working hard to grow membership, especially outside of Cape Town, and with some success. Four of our members are from outside of Cape Town and we hope to expand this over the next few years. We have added three new associate members in the first six months of this year, while a number of existing members have undergone re-inspection. We have amended the constitution to shorten the permitted period for associate membership from three to two years, when such members must apply for full membership or leave the organisation. Certainly there seems to be development and the organisation is gaining recognition within the industry as a quality regulator. EduSA members attended ICEF Berlin in October/November 2011 and it was seen as very successful by all who were there. Since then there has been little marketing activity, mainly due to lags and logistical problems in sourcing and obtaining government funding for marketing trips. Government clearly understands the need to boost tourism to South Africa – it is already the single biggest contributor to the GDP, bigger than mining or agriculture – but it doesn’t seem to understand that our sector plays a significant role in that contribution. Last year the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) conducted an in-depth study of Edu Tourism, which clearly showed the importance of the language sector to this field of the economy, and we’re hoping that this will boost the status and recognition of our sector. It is clear that the whole educational tourism sector has massive potential for growth, especially in Africa, and again, we need to work hard to ensure a better understanding of our sector within government and the broader tourism industry so that we can maximise the potential. We continue to advertise in a few selected trade magazines.

EduSA has had ongoing dialogue with the Department of Education. Has this gained momentum?
This is a long, uphill battle that is still in progress. It is going incredibly slowly and we are constantly exploring new channels to speed processes up.

What marketing activities do you have planned for the near future?
We are working towards obtaining funding from various state and parastatal agencies to facilitate member representation at various agent/school fairs, as well as planning at least one educational trip to South Africa for agents in 2013. We are also hoping that we will be able to have some representation at an education fair in Korea in 2013, as well as at ICEF Berlin in the same year, but this does all depend on what assistance is forthcoming from government. We will also continue with internal marketing; essentially we need to get the broader tourism industry to accept that the EFL industry is a growing and important role player in educational tourism, to understand what it is that we do, and how we impact on almost all other sectors of the tourism industry. There are positive indications for next year.

Industry issues - advisors speak out

Q. How far do university rankings influence a student when choosing where to study?

Fernando Aguilar, Astex, Spain
“The decision students make is based more upon the career or the city than upon the university itself. With these types of rankings we are able to make more accurate decisions. They provide information that can actually change a previous opinion on a given career or university. Some aspects of them can be very relevant for a student (campus type, percentage of minorities, faculty). As far as a trustworthy measure or not, I think there are always business components involved in these rankings, but if you take the time to follow several of them, you will realise there is an overall consistency in their results. They can be as useful as a consultant or a student wants them to be. We do show our clients the rankings and they take them into consideration (assuming the student’s academic track permits him to be a candidate to the top ones). In case a university does not appear in the rankings or is not well ranked, this can definitely be a reason for a student to decide not to apply.”

Olga Govor, Baltic council, Latvia
“We do see that all rankings show more or less the same picture. Although we are aware of the criteria and methodology of different rankings I have to admit that we have never tried to analyse or criticise them, relying on the opinion of our partners from the higher education sector. We feel it is important for a student to get a general idea about the level of the university they are applying to. We also underline that it is crucial not just to see the place of your institution in the general ranking but to see how it is positioned in teaching your subject. There are a lot of factors taken into consideration...the ranking is just one of them. We consider that there is no such thing as a bad university. Everybody should find the one that suits him/her personally. There are modern programmes that you will never find at the so-called old red brick universities in the UK. However, they are taught on a very good level at new post-1992 universities. Although we do show rankings to students, we also explain to them that new universities will never reach the level of the old ones in terms of scientific research and the number of Nobel Prize winners. At the same time it is a universally acknowledged fact that some new universities are of very high quality and even beat old universities when it comes to facilities or quick adjustment to new demands of the labour market. It is not our policy to recommend or not to recommend a university due to its place in the rankings. The process of choosing a university is a mutual one and we try to involve a future student in it as much as possible.”

Zubair Akhtar, AFA Marketing, UK
“We use the THE World University Rankings for our knowledge as well as our student clients. We were previously not aware of the Quacquarelli Symonds ranking system, but I have now come to understand that it is a user friendly and detailed website to provide for clients and colleagues needs alike. The only factor I think that could be improved is providing a translated version of these two websites for the main languages. I believe that the rankings are a general measure of each university’s expertise. It is an approximate system and not an official reflection, we therefore always advise our staff and students not to take it word for word. We use the rankings often as our students are mainly sponsored by their respective government agencies. The government educational bureaus require students to apply to universities which rank highly.But some who are paying for themselves would like to enrol in a university that is not so highly ranked and is an easier option for them.”

Agency of the month

IIn a series appearing each month in Study Travel Magazine, we ask a different teaching institution to nominate one of their preferred agencies or agent partners, and to explain why this person/company is worthy of their nomination.

This month Cape Studies in South Africa nominates Carpe Diem (part of Travelplus Group) in Germany. Jens von Wichtingen, Director of the school, explains this decision.

“Cape Studies and Carpe Diem have been working closely together since 2002 and during these years, we have enjoyed a great sense of loyalty and from this a meaningful business partnership has flourished. The team at Carpe Diem consist of well-trained professionals who are knowledgeable about their products. They are able to consult and share accurate information with clients. The agency offers an extensive range of products from language courses to various internship programmes. There is a continuous flow of communication and there have been a few educational visits during this business relationship. The latter has resulted in excellent service with great efficiency which allows for the smooth transition of our clients who arrive at the school knowing what to expect and permits us to easily take over.”

“We want to provide our students with an unforgettable experience and we rely heavily on our partners. At Cape Studies our students study in a professional and friendly atmosphere.”
Constanze Baarlage, Travelplus Group, Germany

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Eurocentres Cape Town  
Good Hope Studies  
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inlingua Language Training Centre Cape Town  
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