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The Language Travel Concept

Do you want to consolidate, maintain and expand your agent network?

Then advertise in Language Travel Magazine because our readers are your potential business partners.

Language Travel Magazine has a highly targeted readership.

It is the only business-to-business publication written for, and read by, student recruiters and educational consultants in over 110 countries, every month.

Each one of the agents and student recruiters that read Language Travel Magazine is responsible for between 20 and 10,000 student enrolments per year, year after year. These professionals represent an efficient and cost-effective method of student recruitment for your institution.

Our readers are looking for the services that you offer.

Our agent readers are looking for a wide range of programmes and products for all languages, in all countries, from one-to-one home tuition centres to universities' international departments and specialist business language schools - not to mention work experience and au pair placements, insurance packages, flights, accommodation, junior language programmes and the many other programmes we write about every month.

What an ad in Language Travel Magazine gives you

  • access to student recruiters worldwide
  • the ideal forum to maintain your image with agents you already know
  • inclusion on our website listing

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