Fast track for applications to Malaysia

September 04, 2013

In Malaysia, a “green lane” policy is set to be introduced in October allowing international students quicker visa approvals. This express process is only available to students applying to study at private colleges and universities or branch campuses of overseas universities which have achieved Tier 5 or above in the country’s six-tier higher education rating system, Setara.

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Mohd Yazid Abd Hamid, CEO of Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), said that “there have been cases of delays previously”, but the new policy could grant visas within 14 working days. As previously reported, the EMGS one-stop visa processing system has experienced teething problems since launching earlier this year.

Many of the Tier 5 institutions have self-accredited status, which would allow the agency to expedite the vetting of course accreditation so that processing duties at the EMGS are decreased. At a press conference, Mohd Yazid said the new policy would not affect students applying for other institutions, “All applicants will undergo the same screening process in order to qualify for student visas and they will still get their visas within 14 working days.”

Since February this year, 14,600 applications for foreign student visas have been received, and approximately 11,000 have been approved, he added.

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