International graduate admission up in USA

September 05, 2013

Initial offers of admission from US graduate schools to international students increased nine per cent from 2012 to 2013, but growth in international applications has slowed, according to the latest report by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS).

The nine per cent growth in offers builds on a similar rise in the previous year and marks the fourth consecutive year of increases.

However, the number of international applications for fall 2013 rose by only two per cent – much lower than previous increases of nice per cent in 2012 and 11 per cent in 2011.

Debra W. Stewart, President of CGS, said the slowing growth in applications did not appear to have had a measureable impact on offers so far. “This is a sign that the US graduate programmes continue to see international applicants to US graduate programmes as competitive, high-calibre students,” she said.

In terms of individual markets, there was a 27 per cent increase in initial offers of admission to students from India, suggesting that students from this source country may be abandoning the UK in favour of the US. Offers to students from the Middle East rose by 12 per cent and from Brazil by 46 per cent.

In contrast, offers to students from Korea, a top-three source market, declined by 10 per cent. Admission offers to Chinese students increased by five per cent, masking an actual decline in applications of three per cent.

The largest increases in offers by subject field were in engineering (16 per cent), and physical and earth sciences (11 per cent). All study areas increased offers to overseas students with the exception of life sciences (down 4 per cent) and education (-3 per cent).

The findings were based on a survey of CGS’s 512 member colleges, with a 57 per cent response rate.

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