EAQA holds agency meeting

November 19, 2013

EAQA (European Association of Quality Agencies) was hailed a "unique and valuable project" after a group of primary decision makers from 10 different countries met at ICEF Berlin for the association's latest meeting.

Topics of discussion at the conference in Germany included EAQA’s history, its extensive membership benefits and its current and future plans of how the association plans to grow in 2014.

“Being part of a diverse group of agencies sharing ideas and working together to benefit everyone is one of the reasons why EAQA has shown itself as a unique and valuable project,” said Jeroen Bastiaansen, Director of StudyGlobe and member of EAQA.

In the past three months, EAQA’s membership has grown from 15 to 22 agencies, with a further 10 applications reportedly in the pipeline. Non-members at ICEF Berlin were briefed on how to become one, a procedure that involves a quality review process to ensure the standards of members are upheld.

Membership benefits include the EAQA “quality stamp”, access to discounts and market intelligence packages, free ICEF agent training courses and reduced criteria for the English UK Partner Agency scheme.

Matej Benus, Association Secretary of EAQA, who was interviewed for the November 2013 issue of Study Travel Magazine, said, “EAQA offers a great platform for European agencies, we trust and do our best for it to work to the fullest extent.

“Hearing suggestions and input on what a European agency association could bring from such a varied group of agencies is very interesting and brings a lot of food for thought.”

During the meeting, current members spoke about their experiences with the association and offered suggestions for future improvement. Martin Pickett, Director of LANACOS Languages and member of EAQA, suggested, “In the case of there being any issues with organisations not complying with their Code of Practice, member agencies can go as a group of agents through EAQA collectively, instead of making our cases individually.”

Regarding EAQA’s future, Benus told STM, “We want to dedicate more time and attention to members and improve the website, to make it more informative and a tool for members, applicants, partners and the media.”

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