Languages Canada holds Italy/Spain missions

November 25, 2013

Languages Canada, the association representing language programmes and schools, has recently conducted trade missions to Italy and Spain.

Photo: The Languages Canada delegation to Italy and Spain

A delegation of 14 representatives of Languages Canada-accredited members met with over 30 agents in the respective capital cities of Rome and Madrid, holding a total of almost 400 agent meetings.

In both countries the delegation also branched out to meet local language schools, high schools, universities and other institutions to discuss partnership opportunities, student exchanges and special programmes, with representatives from the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and Universities also in attendance. The agent selection, recruitment and mission logistics were organised by StudentMarketing.

Both missions were supported by and took place at the local Canadian embassies. A representative of the Canadian Embassy in Rome said, “We were very happy to have Languages Canada and its schools in Rome for a second year in a row. The positive response to this mission, combined with a very successful student fair that was held the week before, clearly indicate that Canada’s popularity is on the rise amongst Italian students.”

Guillaum Dubreuil, Manager of International Affairs and Marketing for Languages Canada, hailed the success of the missions. “This has been an incredible experience. We had a great delegation of schools representing most regions in Canada, and met with some of the best agents in each country.

“We were also surprised by the high level of interest coming from local institutions in both countries, especially Spain. We have really high hopes for both of these countries, and with the continued support of the Embassy staff, we’re sure we’ll reach our objectives,” he added.

Languages Canada is currently holding trade missions in Russia and Ukraine, with representatives from 12 schools meeting local agents, institutions and embassy officials.

“Russia is a huge developing market, and the similarities between the cultures in our two countries make it a great partner,” said Dubreuil. “Canada is already home to a large Ukrainian community, so students from Kyiv and other cities feel right at home when they arrive.”

Meanwhile, the association passed the milestone of 200 members in recent weeks, and now stands at 204. Commenting on the expansion, Gonzalo Peralta, Executive Director, said, “Our growth is a sign that members of the language education community value working together to overcome challenges, improve the sector, protect students and speak as one voice. We are aware that as the sector grows, so does our responsibility.”

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