New Spanish immersion summer course launched

13 January, 2014

A new Spanish summer camp has been launched as a joint venture by junior provider Centro Educativo Internacional (CEI) El Jarama and Universidad de Alcalá, offering immersion with Spanish students as well as outdoor and environmental learning.

Environmental learning facilities at Centro Educativo Internacional El Jarama

Located at the CEI El Jarama’s enclosed 12-hectare facility 30 minutes from Madrid-Barajas International Airport, courses are offered for students aged from eight-to-16 years old. Programmes include 15 hours of Spanish tuition per week as well as nature-based activities including ecological trails along the Jarama riverbanks, handicraft workshops, bee keeping, hand milking and care of the animals.

On-site open-air recreational and educational facilities include a farm school and nature hall, cages and stables, orchards, alfalfa fields, cereal fields and pastures. Meanwhile, students can participate in adventure activities including horse riding, rock climbing and archery, as well as excursions to nearby Madrid and Toledo. The site has lodging capacity for 300 resident students in two dormitories.

Head of School at CEI El Jarama, Víctor Manuel Rodríguez Martínez, said, “CEI El Jarama is a well-recognised outdoor and environmental company in Spain and has been running the centre for over 20 years. We are still a family-owned business though, and we provide activities, full-board accommodation, supervision and counselling.”

He added, “CEI El Jarama has established itself as one of the safest, most efficient institutions in Spain with regards to the organisation and direction of summer camps for youths.”

More than 1,000 Spanish students attend the holiday camps through the summer, with at least 200 Spanish students on each camp. “The courses offer real immersion for international children of the same age. Students can enjoy activities with teenagers while learning Spanish at the same time,” said Martínez.

Offering the camps for international students for the first time, CEI El Jarama has partnered with Alcalingua, the department for Spanish as a foreign language at Universidad de Alcalá – a Unesco World Heritage site and one of Europe’s oldest universities. Alcalingua classes will be delivered on-site by university staff.

Upon completion of the programme in Spain, students will be given access to the school’s Eureka and Los Navegantes online courses to continue learning at home.

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