Feltom launches 25th anniversary rebrand

29 January, 2014

Malta’s English language school association Feltom has unveiled a new logo as part of a rebranding exercise in 2014 in celebration of the group’s 25th anniversary.

The refreshed Feltom brand, unveiled for its 25th anniversary

A statement from the association said, “As Feltom continues to support the industry which is becoming ever more global, its rebranding amalgamates Feltom’s past with a new outlook for the future, by integrating its old logo with the new one, making the transition part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.”

Genevieve Abela, CEO of Feltom, said the rebranding exercise was part of a wider strategy to gain recognition as a professional stakeholder in the local tourism industry.

“To this effect, Feltom has a number of projects in the pipeline for 2014, including revamping its accreditation scheme and revamping the Feltom website. Feltom also continues pursuing new market streams for Malta,” she said.

Due to be launched after Feltom’s annual workshop in March, the website will include information about the accreditation scheme, a payment portal for members to pay for conference attendance and a section on industry statistics.

Looking back on the history and achievements of the association, Abela said, “Although the teaching of English as a foreign language was still in its infancy in 1989, a number of Maltese schools felt the need to come together to set, improve and maintain quality standards. Today, Malta can boast of being a reputable centre of excellence when it comes to the Tefl sector and much of the credit for the strength of this professional reputation must go to Feltom.”

She continued, “With 25 years under its belt, Feltom has become a recognised industry leader in the region. Over the years, it has worked hard for the Tefl sector to become an economic pillar in its own right in Malta. It is evident that Feltom is forward-looking and aims to continue contributing to the industry. Its fresh image is testimony to this. Ad multo annos Feltom!”

Abela added that preparations were well underway for the March workshop, which has already attracted much interest from agents and exhibitors, she said.

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