Dublin-based Eden College loses accreditation

25 February, 2014

Eden College, an English language school and further education college based in Dublin, has had accreditation withdrawn by the Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services (Acels) in Ireland, meaning it can no longer accept students requiring a visa.

The college, which shares a parent company with Eden College International in London, UK, which was recently part of a BBC investigation into English language test fraud, originally had recognition withdrawn in December last year due non-compliance with standards, and has failed in a subsequent appeal against the decision.

A former Education Minister, Bat O’Keeffe, is President and Chairman of the Board at the company. O’Keeffe told Ireland’s Independent newspaper that there was absolutely no connection with the London school from an operational point of view. Eden College International, London, is being investigated by the UK Home Office following evidence of fraud in the Toeic test at the school.

David O’Grady, Chief Executive of Ireland’s language school association MEI, confirmed to Study Travel Magazine that Eden College Dublin is no longer an MEI member.

The MEI Board voted in December not to renew the membership of Eden College for 2014, although the school was retained on the website subject to the appeal outcome. It has now been removed.

Eden College has reported that there are currently around 400 students enrolled on English language programmes. In a statement sent to Study Travel Magazine, Eden College confirmed that current students are not affected and will be able to remain until the end of the term.

In the statement, Eden said it had been invited to Acels to submit a new application. “This new application was submitted in January 2014 and we are very hopeful of a successful validation within eight-to-10 weeks. In our new application, we have implemented all of the recommendations contained in the Acels report and they now form an integral part of the core English and Acels programmes,” the statement said.

Eden College Dublin has no links with Eden School of English in Dublin, which is accredited by Acels.

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