Neoma launches first French Business Confucius Institute

01 April, 2014

Neoma Business School has announced the opening of the Neoma Confucius Institute for Business in collaboration with the University of Nankai, the first such institute in France and only seventh worldwide.

The Neoma campus in Rouen

With the object of promoting Chinese culture and strengthening relations, Business Confucius Institutes work in collaboration with local schools and colleges to offer language courses, cultural workshops and other modules for business to individual students and companies.

Situated at Neoma’s Rouen campus in Northern France, the institute will have dedicated space for offices, classrooms and conferences, as well as a library and resource centre.

“The reasons for creating the new centre for cultural exchange is to facilitate the learning of Chinese and the local business codes, as well as to help develop new markets,” said Haiyan Zang, Director of the Neoma Confucius Institute for Business-Rouen.

The creation of the institute is part of the on-going relations between the municipal government bodies in Rouen and Tianjin, 120km from Beijing. “Since the beginning of this project, we also had tremendous support from France’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Laurent Fabius, and from Geneviève Fioraso, the Minister of Higher Education and Research,” added Zhang.

A spokesperson for Neoma confirmed that the school works with agents, and that the new Business Confucius Institute is expected to reinforce the recruitment of Chinese students and also that of French and international students interested in learning Chinese. Neoma currently receives around 300 Chinese students per year.

“We are proud that Neoma was chosen for the creation of France’s first Business Confucius Institute,” said Frank Bostyn, Dean of Neoma Business School. “It’s not only recognition for our school, but it also represents an opportunity for us to strengthen our ties with China.”

Neoma Busienss School was formed as a merger between Rouen Business School and Reims Management School, and has three campuses across France in Rouen, Reims and Paris.

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