ABLS unveils new members and summary reports

07 April, 2014

UK body ABLS Accreditation has announced five newly accredited language organisations, all operating in the junior/teenage market and most offering activities as well as English language training.

The five newly accredited organisations are: Anglophiles Academic, which operates camps throughout the UK; Dolphin Languages in Brighton; Holy Child College in Hastings; Kilgraston Language and Activity Programme in Perth, Scotland, which runs summer camps at the boarding school of the same name; and Xplore the World (previously KG Adventure), with various summer camps and year-round locations.

With accreditation in place, the schools are now able to recruit students from outside the EU on student visitor visas or extended student visitor visas.

The five organisations are amongst the first to benefit from ABLS publishing an inspection summary on its website which includes, where applicable, a list of points of exceptional quality, awarded in recognition of high-quality provision or creative solutions to particular challenges schools and students face.

Diana Lowe, Executive Director of ABLS Accreditation explained, “We believe that it is important for agents, students and parents to be provided with a level of detail so that they can make an informed choice and, if appropriate, in some cases we draw attention to particular qualities and strengths to inform the reader.”

She continues, “Schools are not ranked in relation to each other and comparisons between ‘scores’ are not made, as this could lack meaning without explanation. Summaries do, however, contain a detailed description of the seven criteria that have been addressed: legal requirements; premises and facilities; management and administration; academic management; classroom management; resources; and welfare.”

ABLS Accreditation is one of four accreditation bodies approved by the UK Home Office to inspect schools wishing to recruit students who need a student visitor visa.

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