Uni-Pay working with more language schools

16 April, 2014

The link-up between Uni-Pay and Infospeed to integrate student registration and fee payment systems is acquiring more language school partners, following the launch of an improved second version.

The partnership provides real-time integration between the Class School Management System, covering aspects of school administration such as student and agent bookings, pricing and invoicing, accounting, transfers, teachers, attendance, statistics and reports, and Uni-Pay’s payment platforms.

Lisa Lynch, Sales and Marketing Director at Uni-Pay, said, “Since upgrading the link between Class and Uni-Pay to web services, we have seen a rush of schools signing up to benefit from a fully integrated payment platform within the Class system. I am particularly excited about the number of multi-country schools that are beginning to see the benefits of all of their payments being managed automatically and effectively across their full range of currencies and countries.”

She reported that Bell, UK; Kings Colleges international; International House Cairo, Egypt; and Harrow House International, UK, were among the language schools now using the system.

Tony Kirk, Bell Project Accountant, said, “Payments are flagged in the system straight away, when previously we had to wait for the credit controller to effect the payment through the system. Now it is instantaneous, which means they [students] can get their confirmation documents and visa documents more quickly.” He added that the development team at Uni-Pay had taken suggestions from the school on board during the trial process.

Uni-Pay was launched in 2010 and is used by around 70 schools and universities; a payment portal for agents was introduced last year. The Class administration system was established over 20 years ago and is used by more than 250 schools worldwide.

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