Bellerbys to become specialist colleges

08 July, 2014

Global provider Study Group has announced that construction has commenced to transform the Bellerbys College chain of UK international colleges into specialist institutions.

Photo: Bellerbys Brighton, which will become a specialist boarding school under the new Bellerbys plans.

A multi-million pound project to be completed over the summer break will see each of the four Bellerbys Colleges specialise in an academic field from September.

Bellerbys Cambridge will become a centre for excellence for science and engineering for students looking to progress onto medical, science and engineering degree courses, utilising Cambridge’s position at the forefront of technological and applied sciences in the UK.

The Bellerbys London campus is to become a specialist centre for business education, drawing on its location within one of the world’s leading financial cities; Bellerbys Oxford will specialise in the arts, law and humanities, providing students with access to facilities such as editing suites, art studios and an extensive law library.

Accepting both international and UK students aged 13 and over, Bellerbys Brighton will become a specialist boarding school, offering the new GCSE Pathway course and A-Level subjects.

“The primary goal of the specialisation of Bellerbys’ four colleges is to give our students greater advantage in their applications to university courses and a competitive edge in their future careers,” said Andy Airey, Director of Bellerbys.

“Specialisation will enable us to create focused teaching and learning environments for like-minded students to share experiences and learn from each other and from the teaching of our expert academic staff.

“At the same time, specialisation allows each college to expand its links with local employers, global enterprises and top university faculties relevant to its specialism. Students on all programmes will benefit from timetabled skill development activities, workshops, projects and visits through a carefully structured enrichment programme designed to enhance knowledge and develop a richer understanding of each subject area.”

The new GCSE Pathway programme is designed to give students aged 13 and over an opportunity to focus their studies earlier.

Commenting on the benefits of the GCSE Pathway, Doris Bechstein, Higher Education Advice Manager at the University of Bath, said, “Students who have been on a targeted pathway for a particular subject will have lived and breathed that subject for the duration of their studies. They therefore find it easier to achieve the required grades to study that subject at degree level.”

Bellerbys College has been welcoming international students for over 50 year across a range of programmes, including GCSE, A-Level, Foundation, Undergraduate Year 1 and Pre-Masters.

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