ILSC New York opens its doors

16 July, 2014

Global provider ILSC Education Group has officially opened the doors of its newest location in New York, USA.

The new ILSC New York school is located in Manhattan, near Brooklyn Bridge

ILSC New York, which has a capacity of almost 300 students in 15 classrooms, is located in a newly renovated building in downtown Manhattan, at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge and close to the new Fulton subway station. The school also features a computer lab, computer kiosks, Wi-Fi access and a student lounge.

Paul Schroeder, ILSC President, said, “Our New York school is an exciting addition to ILSC, one that will strengthen our global reputation and allow us to continue to do the exciting work we do: to offer students excellent and transformative learning and living experiences.”

ILSC New York has designed a number of stand-alone course offerings to complement its location, including: English in New York and English through Music, as well as business programmes including Executive Business English certificates. The school will also be offering ILSC’s University Pathway and Toefl Mastery iBT70+ programmes.

The school will act as a hub from which students with artistic, creative or entrepreneurial aspirations will be able to engage with local communities and experts, collaborate on projects and learn new skills, said David Hughes, ILSC New York School Director.

“We are opening ILSC New York not only because it is one of the world’s most exciting destinations, but also because of the wonderful experiences and opportunities this city will offer to our students. New York is a crossroads of many different worlds – business and finance, art, music, fashion and dance – and we are thrilled to be here,” he said.

ILSC become the eighth school worldwide for the group, which also has centres in Canada, Australia and India as well as an existing USA location in San Francisco.

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