KOSA sees member applications surge ahead of new agency laws

24 July, 2014

Korean agency association KOSA has seen a surge in membership applications ahead of the implementation of a new law for study abroad agents expected by the end of the year.

KOSA has been working closely with the government in establishing the new rules, including with National Assembly member Sangho Woo, who is drafting the legislation with the goal of supporting customer safety.

Kidong Kim, Secretary General of Kosa, said over 30 applications to KOSA were currently being considered. “We have a goal of over 150 members this year,” he said. “Many agents think it will be better to become a KOSA member first, before the new laws come into effect.”

The new regulations are expected to require agents to demonstrate experience in the industry, prove a genuine trading address, join a mandatory insurance scheme and place a government deposit bond.

KOSA has also recently signed a partnership agreement with flytalk, a popular student study abroad information website, which will allow students to access information about local KOSA member agencies.

The association is also planning to launch a study abroad counsellor license by the end of the year, and is currently preparing a text book and teaching space for the course.

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