INTO Mason offers pathway to master's study

20, August, 2014

This autumn, INTO Mason at George Mason University, US, will give select international students with a three-year bachelor’s degree the chance to study on their new graduate programme, allowing them a pathway onto a US master’s degree.

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The Graduate Bridge Program, a modified version of the standard Graduate Pathway Program, will also allow overseas students to top their bachelor’s up to a four-year equivalent by taking relevant courses. INTO Mason is part of INTO University Partnerships, an organisation that partners with universities in the USA, UK and China to provide pathway programmes.

“It has been carefully designed to offer three-year degree holders – equivalent to 90 credits – the extra credits they need to begin a master’s programme,” said Nicole Sealey, Director of Pathway Programs for INTO Mason. “Our research-focused curriculum gives these international students the opportunity to better prepare themselves for communicating in their discipline, while preparing them for the demands of graduate school.”

Students can earn up to six credits towards their master’s degree by studying on the pathway, and coursework during the programme includes English writing development, general education classes, and graduate transition preparation.

There are currently 26 graduate programmes at George Mason University which lead to the Graduate Bridge Program in subject areas including business, humanities and social sciences, engineering and education.

One student, Shivam Singh, described the programme as “life-changing” after he graduated with a master’s in software engineering, helping him secure his current job at a firm in Colorado. “It provided me with an opportunity to equip myself with a sound understanding of the education system in the USA and helped me to perform better in my graduate classes,” he said.

INTO Mason accepts students with bachelor’s degrees from Australia, Canada, India, Mauritius, Nepal, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. Students need a minimum English language score of 85 for the Toefl iBT, 6.5 for IELTS, or completion of INTO Mason’s Academic English Level 6.

“We will definitely see students applying for this programme for spring 2015 onwards,” said Diwakar Chandiok, INTO Recruitment Manager for India. “This will be well-accepted considering it’s not a usual Bridge programme and actually offers master’s level credits.”

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