New Product and new UK member for Quality Education

21, August, 2014

Quality English and sister brand Quality Education have announced a new Market Exploration Visit (MEV) initiative for 2015, with the inaugural visit scheduled for Morocco.

Academic Summer, the latest Quality Education licensee college

The MEVs will usually be two-day events including market briefing, networking receptions and events with agents, warmed leads and round-up meetings to share findings. Other market-dependent features will be seminar programmes, half-day agent workshops, company visits and half-day mini student fair events. The first confirmed MEV event will take place from January 20 in Casablanca, Morocco.

QE Chief Executive, Carolyn Blackmore, said the MEV events were designed to help approach markets where their agency networks were less established. “There are some emerging markets out there that could well be approached with schools visiting together under our established brand name,” she said. “By coming together on these trips and with all our support throughout, schools will find doors opening more readily that they might were they to go solo. It is a longer-term strategy but we all know that what is key is relationship building.”

She added, "We will of course carry on running our very successful QE missions, and will shortly be publishing an interesting programme for 2015."

Meanwhile, Quality Education, the brand for independent colleges offering training courses in English-speaking countries, has unveiled Academic Summer as its first UK-based licensee.

Academic Summer provides summer residential preparation courses for UK schools during July and August, as well as ‘back to school’ courses to prepare for the new school term.

Welcoming the new licensee, Blackmore said, “Academic Summer fits the Quality Education model by the fact that they teach subjects in English as opposed to the English language itself. They join the ranks of other Quality Education colleges in Australia and New Zealand and together they provide a varied offering to the industry of high-quality course provision.”

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