New Zealand records early 2014 growth

26, August, 2014

New Zealand experienced an eight per cent increase in international students in the first four months of 2014, according to data released by Education New Zealand (ENZ), showing further recovery from a period of decline.

Source: Education New Zealand, International Education Snapshot, 2014 January – April Report

The International Education Snapshot, 2014 January – April Report reveals an eight per cent increase, representing an additional 5,110 students compared with the same period last year. The latest results build upon the growth recorded in the second and third trimesters of 2013, as reported in the recently released full year data from ENZ.

Growth was experienced by all main sectors of the international education industry, most notably a 20 per cent increase for the private training establishment (PTE) sector, excluding language schools, and a nine per cent rise for the institutes of technology and polytechnic (ITP) segment.

Universities increased the number of overseas students by four per cent in the first trimester of 2014, the secondary sector grew by three per cent and the English language school sector recorded a one per cent rise in international students.

Postgraduate enrolments increased by 12 per cent to reach a record level of 1,165, driven by a record increase in master’s-level students of 20 per cent.

The two largest host regions, Auckland and Canterbury, recorded significant increases of 12 and 10 per cent respectively, the latter representing further recovery following the 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch.

The early 2014 results were welcomed by Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister, Steven Joyce. “Sustained hard work by the whole sector has halted a two-year decline in student enrolments and resulted in record numbers of students choosing New Zealand as their study destination,” he said.

“This year, significant changes such as our increased investment in Education New Zealand, the new Think New’ marketing campaign, and the extension of student work rights are combining with our first-class education system to attract students to enjoy the unique study experience this country offers.”

In terms of student markets, India recorded the highest growth at 41 per cent. This was largely driven by an increase of 2,598 international students in the PTE (excluding English language) sector and an additional 403 students in the ITP sector.

China, the largest source country for New Zealand, increased by 12 per cent – an additional 2,212 students, mostly distributed to the university sector (+1,063 students) and the secondary school sector (+581 students).

“More students are coming from two of our priority markets, India and China, continuing a year-on-year trend of increasing numbers from these countries,” said Joyce.

Education New Zealand predicted in the report that the growth trend would continue through the remainder of 2014.

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