ELS offers pathway with UBC Vantage College, Canada

25, September, 2014

ELS Educational Services Canada has partnered with UBC Vantage College in Vancouver, BC, to offer a pathway option, allowing students admission onto the course at Vantage with no further English language testing required. The first agreement of its kind for the institution, Vantage College is dedicated to preparing students for undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia.

Mike Walkey, Managing Director of ELS Educational Services Canada; and James Ridge, Principal of UBC Vantage College, signing the agreement.

Students who complete Level 112, the highest level, of the ELS English for Academic Purposes programme meet the minimum language requirement for Vantage; however, students must still meet the minimum academic requirements before successful admittance. Students planning to enrol on the course at ELS can also apply for conditional admission at Vantage, along with 650 other colleges and universities worldwide, while in their home countries.

Mike Walkey, Managing Director of ELS Canada, told Study Travel Magazine that the organisation has worked with the Okanagan campus of UBC for several years to send well-prepared students through the pathway programme, which enhanced its reputation within the Canadian higher education community. “Additionally, the ability to reference external research, demonstrating ELS students’ academic success at our partner institutions upon matriculation, provided viable performance criteria,” he said.

The curriculum of the ELS English for Academic Purposes programme includes key skills such of listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation, as well as applied learning aspects encouraging students to develop their speaking and listening skills in a real-life context. The higher levels (107-112) also focus on academic skills, such as presentations and note taking.

“This pathway will be popular with many international students, especially from Southeast Asia, Russia and South America,” added Walkey. “ELS has a broad diversity of students interested in academic pathways in Canada, as well as the US, Australia and Europe.”

Vantage, the only college of its kind at a top-tier university in Canada, offers an 11-month programme designed for students that have strong academic abilities but need help adjusting to the North American post-secondary system. The Vantage One programme has four streams: one in Arts, two in Sciences and one in Management (leading to a BMgt), and allows students entry to the second year of UBC undergraduate programmes upon successful completion of the course. In 2015, students will also be able to study Marketing, Finance and Business.

“UBC Vantage College is thrilled to partner with ELS Language Centers to foster growth and innovation in English language instruction, and to support international students on their journey to success at British Columbia,” said James Ridges, Principal of Vantage.

Meanwhile, Walkey commented, “ELS is extremely proud to have been selected to work with UBC Vantage College. Having a pathway agreement with such a highly-ranked university speaks strongly about the reputation of our programmes and the quality of students we produce.”

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