Study Group launches course finder for agents

25, November, 2014

International education provider Study Group has launched a Course Finder website and app to help agents quickly find courses across the company’s portfolio of programmes.

A screen shot of the new Study Group Course Finder tool

The Course Finder initiative is part of Study Group’s Agent Knowledge project, an area of agent service the company has been working on (along with Sales Excellence and Service Support) in response to a study commissioned with agents.

Agents can search using criteria such as subject and location or by using a map, and can also filter course options by students’ expected grades. Currently the service covers high school, pathway, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by Study Group and its institutional partners.

“We are proud of the fact that it was produced alongside agents and the sales team,” said Phil Kent, Marketing Director, Higher Education, UK & Europe, in an interview with Study Travel Magazine. “The project has been given a very high profile within the company.”

Kent explained, “It was a concept we had a while ago and producing an app like this is quite an undertaking.” A focus group of agents were involved at every stage of the development, with the agents providing feedback on designs created by Study Group’s dedicated team. “We were going to them with a concept, and they were responding. The agents added a lot in terms of making it user friendly.

“Agents now have all of the information at their fingertips and this supports their professionalism,” said Kent. “As competition intensifies, marketers need to come up with distinctive propositions.” The new tool has been well received, said Kent. “I talk to agents large and small, and all have been really positive.” He added, “We have around 600 counsellors using it already, which is great. This is a critical mass.”

Uploading videos will be the next stage of development of the Course Finder, and Kent said this would be good for university partners as it would enable agents to project visuals and content from the university directly to potential students.

A Chinese language version of the Course Finder tool is in the pipeline as part of the ongoing Agent Knowledge project.

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