QE announces nine new licensees

08, January, 2015

Global English language school organisation Quality English has announced eight new licensees, while the sister Quality Education brand for independent colleges delivering programmes in English has also added a new member.

Carolyn Blackmore, Chief Executive of Quality English and Quality Education, said, “There is a grand total of nine new licensees who will be able to use the Quality English or Quality Education branding. Clearly they see this as a valuable identity within which to operate and promote themselves.

“So this is a grand start to the year. We welcome every single one of them – and with confidence as we know they all bring valuable reinforcement to the brand and all it stands for.”

Four UK schools have joined Quality English: Winchester School of English, which was acquired by ATC Language & Travel in 2013; Absolutely English; York Associates; and LILA* London, which recently opened to complement the company’s original Liverpool school.

Frances King School of English’s school in Dublin, Ireland – which opened last year – has also joined the Quality English network, along with: TLA – The Language Academy in Florida, USA; Cairns Language Centre in Australia; and VanWest College in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Meanwhile, Quality Education has welcomed Bishopstrow College, “one of the UK’s leading international study centres for students wishing to enter the best UK independent schools”, said Blackmore, bringing the total membership of Quality Education to five.

Commenting on future developments, Blackmore said, “Our plans for 2015 and beyond involve placing more emphasis on showcasing the quality of our licensees, promoting the brand through high-quality content, images, video, vlogs and blogs, and making better use of the latest digital media and social media channels. Feedback will feature more prominently because we regard this as an important vehicle for monitoring quality; ‘the customer decides’ is our mantra.”

The QE brands recently concluded a set of European missions, which included a meeting with Italian agency association IALCA in Rome, and has announced a set of mission dates for 2015 as well as the new market exploration visits.



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