fRilingue launches new camps

26, January, 2015

Switzerland-based summer camp provider fRilingue has announced a new camp location in La Rouvraie and a new adventure camp product themed around an Indian village.

La Rouvraie, the new camp location for fRilinue.

Explaining the choice of new location, Ljubisa Ilicic of fRilingue said the company had been listening to the demands of its international agents.

“We are offering camps which take place in different settings. Some are in the picturesque Swiss Alps, some are on the beautiful shores of the Lake Neuchatel, but we realised that we didn’t have a luxury camp in a quiet, peaceful and beautiful surrounding with infrastructure of the highest class where everything is in reach and at your fingertips. La Rouvraie was exactly the place we were looking for,” Ilicic said.

The camp includes language lessons, afternoon workshops in media, sports and cooking and activites such as water skiing and waterboarding. La Rouvraie was founded by Carl Russ-Suchard, who established the Milka chocolate brand.

Meanwhile, the new Adventurecamp is themed around an authentic Indian village and set in the Bernese Highlands, close to the shores of Lake Thun, said Ilicic. “In the camp, children will sleep in tipis and learn all the necessary skills which you would need in order to survive in nature. Also, there are lots of fun activities like climbing, rafting, hiking and visiting the Bernese Highlands.”

Alongside the Adventurecamp there is also an Adventurecamp English option, incorporating 20 45-minute English lessons during the mornings. Ilicic said students enjoy learning more because they are communicating with their friends and tribe leaders while doing very interesting and fascinating things in nature.

Established in 2007, fRilingue offers summer camps, volunteering camps and youngster vacation camps across Switzerland.

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