A2Z School of English Dublin closes

20, February, 2015

The A2Z School of English branch in Dublin, Ireland, has closed with the company offering transfers and travel costs to its alternative centres in the UK for displaced students.

The A2Z Dublin school page on the company's website

Explaining the closure in a statement on the Dublin school’s Facebook page, Company Directors, James Taylor and Nasir Hussain, said, “Significant delays in the Acels accreditation process and indefinite delays in the publication of the ILEP [Interim List of Eligible Programs] put the Dublin company under unexpected and unsupportable financial stress. Rather than trade illegally, we decided it would be more honest to cease trading until a solution had been found. This was a difficult decision for us.” A2Z Dublin opened in April 2013.

As recently reported, two independent colleges successfully challenged the interim laws that were due to come into place from January 2015 and would have restricted non-EU ELT students to study only at Acels-accredited schools.

One of the schools involved in the court case was similarly still going through the Acels accreditation process, which is now closed to new applications – a factor which lead to the judgement that the interim rules were illegal. The Irish government is now reviewing its interim rules, which were intended as a stopgap before the full implementation of Ireland’s International Education Mark (IEM), expected in 2016.

The A2Z statement confirmed that displaced students can continue their studies in London or Manchester. A2Z is offering to pay travel costs “but cannot pay for any visa or relocation expenses”. Course credit can also be transferred to a third party.

“At the moment we are still unable to refund any course fees,” said the Directors. “The Dublin school was a separate limited company and we are unable to borrow money from our other businesses to support it.”

The statement also confirmed that A2Z was exploring other options, including credit card refunds from the processing company used by the school, the possibility of reopening the school with new investors, and the possibility of merging with an existing school. The statement said that they would endeavour to keep students, employees and agents informed of any updates.

A2Z School of English was first established in Manchester in 2006. In the last year, A2Z launched a franchise model, with schools already established in Yemen and Brazil.

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