A2Z School of English closes

16, March, 2015

A2Z School of English in the UK has ceased trading due to insolvency, leaving study travel agents out of pocket and prompting the likely activation of English UK’s emergency support fund for displaced students at the school.

The insolvency statement on the A2Z School of English website

The closure today (March 16) of the schools in Manchester and London follows the previously announced closure of the company’s centre in Dublin, Ireland last month.  

A statement on the A2Z website from Director, James Taylor, reads, “A2Z School of English has ceased trading due to becoming insolvent. I am very sorry about this situation, it is very bad news for everyone. I apologise to everyone involved. I and other managers have tried everything we could to save the business. We were not successful for many reasons.”

In a letter addressed to creditors and other stakeholders, Taylor cites outstanding payments from Libya as the reason for the company’s financial troubles. “The immediate cause for the failure of all companies includes an outstanding debt of more than UK£30,000 (US$44,407) from the Libyan embassy for tuition already provided to students. This payment has been delayed for more than three months due to the political disruptions in Libya, which was an important market for both our schools.”

Addressing creditors, including agents, in the letter, Taylor said, “Unfortunately, the companies have insufficient realisable assets and no funds with which to appoint an insolvency practitioner and thereby initiate a voluntary liquidation.” He said the company would be “in limbo” until either struck from the register by Companies House or wound up through the High Courts by a creditor.

Language school association English UK, of which A2Z was a member, is urging displaced students to contact them. English UK confirmed in a statement it was warned last week that the A2Z management was seeking a buyer for the two centres, and that around 250 students were thought to be currently enrolled.

English UK Deputy Chief Executive (Professional Services), Huan Japes, said, “We’re working on the assumption that the schools have closed and that we will be involved in finding new places for students to complete their courses later in the week. We’re getting phone calls every 20 seconds. It would be really useful if they could email their details, including mobile phone number, and we can complete a full spreadsheet.”

Students at English UK schools are protected if a member centre closes unexpectedly or goes into liquidation, with tuition at an alternative school provided and costs of accommodation already paid for covered.

Displaced international students at A2Z School of English can contact English UK at huan@englishuk.com.



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